The whip of sexual racism
I’ve joined DS few months ago and tried to get to know the network in my small town. Scrolling through the very few groups and I came across one that seemed particularly appealing. But I got rejected without any proper explanation. And I wonder what was it for? As the only thing that singled me out from the rest of the group members was my color and my mother tongue.

Well, one might brush it off as a harmless explanation of ‘preference’, it used to be my hypothesis too; That “BDSM/LGBTQ people have been oppressed for a long time and they do know what it feels like 'to be the other’ or 'to be excluded' and surely, they wouldn’t do that to their own people?”. It turns out that I was naive in this regard, and sad news is that’s not the case. If it hurts, let it hurts!

Off course I had opportunity to meet wonderful people on DS but overt racism as well as more subtle forms of exclusion, are something I’ve encountered in the short period of being on DS.

Is the timing right to take action?

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My experience as an ethnic minority individual on DS

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