Kiss and tell

Del 13: Paternal

"That's my baby girl."
He smiles as I look up on him, head tilted back. I sit on the floor in front of him, legs curled up, my hands behind my back. Sunlight floods the room, making me squint. I lick my lips.
"Do it again. Slower." He bends down, his face is only an inch from mine. The scent coming off him makes me dizzy, as I run my tongue over my upper lip. Very slowly. Then I stretch out my tongue to touch his lips. Lightly. He is amused. Aroused. Still, there will be a punishment. My whole body tingles as his thumb enters my mouth.
"So bratty, baby girl. Daddy must teach you how to behave."
I am picked up and tossed on the bed. I let out a little whimper.
"Aw now, did I hurt my baby? Do I need to kiss her better?"
"Yes please."
"Pretty please with sugar on top?"
"And cherries."
"And whipped cream?" He picks up the feather duster from the bedside table.
"Turn over. Put your hands over your ear."
I'm waiting for the soft touch of the feathers. The feeling of his tongue over my spine is like lightning. His hand pushes my face into the pillow. Then he strikes me, using the handle of the duster as a cane. The touch is light. Feathers tickling my inner thigh. He yanks my head back, with a fistful of my hair. I gasp. He traces the letter B on my lower back.
"What letter was it?"
"Very good, baby girl." He lets go of my hair, places his palm on my pussy. I tremble.
"This?" His fingers trace the letter on my pussy.
Sharp rap with the handle on my ass.
"No. Try again." His hand traces the letter again. Slower this time.
"P??" My voice is insecure. He kisses my neck, lighting me on fire.
I start to really like this game.
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