Kiss and tell

Del 9: Unseen

She seems so lost, the ever moving wings hang heavy on her back, dragging behind her. She smiles at me through the tears.
"It will pass, Honey. It will." Her voice breaks, and with it, my heart. We cry together, and I feel her pain as if it was my own. I thought Trinity was afraid of love. Now I understand why. Her heart is on fire, and it burns.
The amber eyes close, and I wish I could do something. Say something. Because her grief burns my heart, and suddenly, I remember. My own pain. And the tears are now falling for me. Even Trinity's. Her wings come alive, and she takes my hand, raises it to her lips.
"Thank you."
"What for?"
Her tiger eyes are almost dry now. I'd think she's okay, if it was not for her breathing.
"For your pain. Helps me to forget." The breeze from her wings cools my face.
"Is it how you deal with your own pain?"
"What pain?" Her raspy laugh echoes in my ear, but I can't forget her agony, or my own. I could kiss her, wake her appetite, escape, numb the pain. Hers and mine. I can make her want to fuck me, like she did the last time. Band-aid on a bullet wound. Stops us bleeding for a while, while we enter into oblivion. This time it's my turn to lead her there.
She pushes away my hand, very gently.
"Please don't do that, Honey. I can't. Not even with you. He hurt me, and I just can't, never again."
"What happened to you, Trinity?"
"I got my wings. The same way you did. To fly away."
She looks at me, her tiger eyes radiate love. Despite of it all. Trinity never lost her heart, and neither did I. We spend the night in a tight embrace. Soothed. Terrified. We are so lonely together.

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25 apr 2019

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