Kiss and tell

Del 2: Werewolf

"I'm a sucker for long hair."
"Lucky me. Long hair is LS." His pupils widen, making his eyes look black. He takes a step towards me. Smiles when he picks up my scent.
"Almost mistook you for a human."
"Aw Wolf, you don't say." He bends down, lifts me up. Our lips brush against each other. Gently. I bury my fingers in his mane.
I push the tip of my tongue into his mouth. Feverishly hot. I start to suck his tongue, ever so softly. He shudders. Slams me into the wall, I lose my breath for a moment. His fangs are bared.
"Cute puppy."
As the kiss deepens, so does his growl. Sucking the air out of my lungs. His eyes glow, hypnotizing me. I open my mind to him. Feeling him enter it, I moan with pleasure. I love savage creatures. His palm covers my throat. His other hand toys with my hair. His thumb rubs against my neck, softly. Only his knee stops me from sliding down. Soon I lose myself in kissing him, my eyes closed.
Can't stop. Not even while he carries me to the bed.
"Will you fuck me, Wolf?"
"Not just yet, Nymph." His smile is wide. Adorable crinkly eyes, shining yellow. Soft gaze.
"Why?" My voice is hoarse with desire. My hands are all over him, sneaking into his clothes, seeking his bare skin. He lets me play, wants me hungry. Teasing with gentle lips while he seeks my mind. Looking for the spots. I open up, showing him all the secrets. Soon his tongue finds them as well, moving in small circles. His growl is barely audible, so deep. Vibrating in my ear, tickling.
He trembles, feeling my scent. I am hot, wet, aching. Can't stop moving my hips. His breath on my neck burns.

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25 mar 2019

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