Movement, Sound, and Rope - Workshop with Saara Rei

Lördag 25 januari, klockan 11:00 — 18:00  Dugguvogur 10, Reykjavik  (Höfuðborgarsvæði)  

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Movement, Sound, and Rope
a 1-day workshop with Saara Rei

Our movement and emotional state can be deeply affected by sound. I am sure many have experienced music that makes them feel, dance, and act in certain ways depending on the rhythm, tempo, lyrics, tone, and pitch.

As well, sound and music can affect how we interact with each other. How we move, feel, and react to each other when there are different sounds around. Not just from music, but from our own bodies as well. Laughter, humming, screaming, sighing, breathing, and any kind of vocalization made can affect the atmosphere, movements, and reactions from all those present.

If we think of Japanese-inspired rope bondage as we way to interact and move with another person, a way of dancing with them, then we can also look at how sound can affect our way of tying and being tied. How does music affect a session? How does it affect our movements and emotional state? And how do the sounds we make affect the reactions of the person we are tying with? In this workshop, these are the questions we will be looking at. More specifically, we will cover:

Rope handling (i.e. tips on how to let the rope not get in the way of what you want to do).
Body Handling (i.e. tips on how to manage and move with another body, with and without ropes).
A set of exploratory exercises involving music and sound, guiding the group in a reflection of the questions asked above.

This workshop is appropriate for the beginner as well as the experienced, and both the bunny as well as the rigger will have a part to play in each exercise (in other words, bunnies will have something to learn and practice too). The intention of this workshop is to bring a greater awareness to how we interact with each other's bodies while tying and to begin building a toolbox for communicating better with our bodies (to complement our words).


This is part of a two day weekend workshop-row.
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Prices for the other workshops and packages:

Movement, Sound and Rope:



Non verbal communication
Humiliation play
5.000/workshop/single person

8.000/single person

BOTH FULL DAYS: 25.000/couple

If you don´t have a partner to go to the workshop(s) i highly recommend coming to our ropejams and if you´re a beginner also to our 101 workshops. it´s good opportunities to meet and get to know people and the scene.


I´m very happy to be able to welcome Saara Rei to Reykjavík
and look forward to meeting you and to learn and explore!


Hope to see you there!


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