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An interesting passage about FLR and chivalry - from online
From online


I hear it all the time.
Women want to know what happened to chivalry; those small gentlemanly acts of selfless service that offer a patina of protection and public attentiveness to women? It’s a good question because men today don’t have a clue when it comes to attending to and prioritizing the needs of the women they’re privileged to be in the company of. Simple things like opening doors, helping with chairs, assisting with a coat, walking on the outside, standing when a woman enters the room are apparently archaic remnants of a gone-by era for today’s too-cool-for-school modern male. I witness indifferent behavior of men in their interactions with women daily: walking in front of them, not holding doors, talking over and interrupting, not dressing appropriately - the list goes on. Let me straight up say: whether you identify as a submissive male - or not; most men need to improve their performance when interacting with women. Women are the prize - and believe me, they know it.

I may have a somewhat different take on what being a submissive man is all about but let me be clear: it is not all about me. My views - as an uxorious-oriented gynarchist - are unconventional but speak truth to feminine power: male submission is nothing less than an elevated and refined version of chivalry and that being both a gentleman and servant to women is a worthy and noble goal for sincere and secure submissive men. If you’re truly submissive, if you care deeply about being pleasing, respectful and attentive to the needs and desires of women, then it is reflected in your daily habits and routines when interacting with all women. As Ms. Christina - a dominant woman and the feminine-force behind the BlancheBlack blog shared with me: “Deferring to a woman in public might seem awkward if a man does it in a self-conscious way, afraid of giving up the social illusion that he is indeed privileged over and above her for fear of social rejection from men. But actually, deferring to a woman in public used to be a common way for a man to prove his social status as a gentleman. It was considered a form of chivalry, and it was seen as a sign of strength. It used to be admirable by men and women. This mentality is, I believe, the key to understanding a masculinity that is at once strong and competitive with other men, earning their respect, while being completely submissive when in the presence of a woman. It is an example of social dignity and male pride in playing the supporting role for a woman in response to the spiritual sacredness of her Femininity.”

Her views are echoed by other (dominant) women who express not only their appreciation for chivalry but their expectation for it: “For me, chivalry is a turn on and the only way for a man to behave… sub or not. In public my submissive man is there to take care of me, attend to my needs and wants, stand up when I walk in and not sit down till I do, keep his mouth shut when I talk, kiss my hand, open doors, chauffeur me around, carry luggage, push the trolley and arrange whatever I need to be arranged. Believe me, if you do simple things like that- your efforts will be noticed by many.”

So here's a challenge for submissive men who have read this far: stand naked before a full length mirror and take measure of yourself. What do you offer? Are you pleased with what you see - or is there room for improvement? Are you groomed, trimmed and shaved? Do you take care of your body, skin and penis? Do you present yourself nude - and fully dressed - in a way that would please a selective and demanding dominant woman? Is your enthusiasm for strong women all about you; or all about her? Being a truly submissive man means being on a path of continual improvement and refinement - of becoming the best man you can be. Thoughts on this topic? I'm eager to hear from women and men on their views and expectations of what being chivalrous means to them. Thank you.

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