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Answer to Racism at a SISC camp in Denmark.

Part 1

The answer is written to this post:
Fetlife post one: https://fetlife.com/groups/5175/posts/22843410?page=1#comment_189284781

The same original post here on Darkside: https://www.darkside.se/s.php?a=v&id=34513#ctop
For some first person viewers comments: Fetlife post two: https://fetlife.com/users/3574932/posts/9199333

I have a lot more to say about this, but I start here.

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I appreciate and share your solidarity as a white person with the sufferings that the many racial inequities in modern societies keep inflicting on our black and colored fellow-humans.

However, your circular, divisive, and downright aggressive manner of reasoning in this matter is dangerously misguided, and although I can't believe that you intended it as such: even totalitarian.

As several people have pointed out above, slavery is not white racism. It has occurred across all ethnicities, and alas: across all ages; also featuring the exact same acts and artifacts that you describe as part of the scene that upset your friend; and as for black slavery in the Americas, which is the slavery that I understand you refer to, also blacks have been known to own slaves.

All the same, the indisputably valid points which I believe you are trying to make are:
1. that present-day racial inequities root strongly in our collective history with slavery;

2. that to this present day, they make it impossible for black and colored people to be oblivious of skin-color for even a second of their lives, as white people, because of their privilege, can generally afford to be; and

3. that, privilege being invisible to those who have it, white people can easily underestimate or even overlook racial inequities, the suffering that these cause, and how their own behavior, whether intentional or not, can confirm and perpetuate them.

No discussion there. The question under concern, however, is to what extent these points apply to the event you describe, if at all; and if so, whether that extent then warrants as grave a term as ‘racism’, or even ‘racist violence’.

For many reasons which others have already indicated above, anyone who attempts to answer this essential question owes it to all concerned, including your friend, to extensively consider their respective perspectives on the event with an open heart and mind and genuine curiosity; and to arrive at judgment, if that be at all necessary, only with great prudence and caution.
You must have already sensed that your position in the matter would not stand up to such a careful approach, because I see no evidence of it in your writings. On the contrary: you not only bypass the question altogether by simply stating as a fact that the event was racist; you moreover preclude the discussion, by invalidating every less incriminating interpretation of the event as an attempt to defend racism. ‘I say it is racist, so if you believe it isn’t, you must be racist too.’

Sorry to say - like I said: you most probably don’t mean it that way - but this is the exact kind of maliciously unsound show-trial reasoning that was used to justify even much more recent crimes against humanity than black slavery. It is utterly loathsome.
You may have riled a few ill-informed bystanders with it into a gratuitous display of anti-racist allegiance; but their cheap self-congratulation can hardly be the justice that you seek. You may have even intimidated a few involved people into doubting themselves and eventually ‘confessing’ the ‘racist violence’ which you accuse them of; but such confessions under duress speak only of your violence - not theirs.

If this is how you ‘asked’ the SISC-team ‘to be accountable for the structural failures that allow racism to go unchallenged’, their polite dismissal and reference to SISCs obvious stance concerning any kind of exclusion is in fact a lot more than you deserved.
I empathize with the pain that your friend and you may feel, but it is overwhelmingly obvious that nobody involved wanted that pain for you. Your insistence to take revenge all the same, by hurting and damaging them and SISC for it in such a lowly manner, is therefore completely unjustified and shameful.
In the name of the very same principled solidarity between people which I believe you wish to advocate: please stop it.


Part 1 (15 mar 2023)
Part 2 (15 mar 2023)
Written my undascore on Fetlife.

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