Two cancellations and an extra party in august
It is with great regret that due to the ongoing C-19 restrictions we unfortunately have no option but to cancel our parties in April and May. Back in December 2020 we planned eight parties for 2021, knowing that cancelling some of them was a possibility. After the presentation of Denmark's reopening plan recently, this is now a reality.
Right now we still believe there are opportunities to make some alternative summer events in June and July all depending on the Ministry Of Health’s recommendations and national restrictions.
All ManiFest Memberships are still on standby and will be reactivated the date parties resume.

We really really miss partying with you! So we decided to add an extra party to the 2021 calendar. We want to be sure we can roll out the red carpet, pop the champagne and throw you all the party of the century the minute it’s safe and possible to do so again. Therefore we are very happy to announce a ManiFest Pride Party in August.
It's WorldPride Copenhagen this year and on August 21st you are all invited to the ManiFest Pride Party to celebrate worldwide equality and diversity. We cross our fingers that we will be able to open up the doors to a ManiFest party like you know them for an amazing night of proud and perverted lust, flirt, play and dance.
We will be back with more information about this event over the summer.
Please note this is not the usual Pride Parade event but a ManiFest party. More information on the Pride Parade later.

Here you can find our calendar for 2021 Make sure to book the dates and stay tuned for more information over the spring and summer months.

June 26th | ManiFest Sin Summer #1
July 24th | ManiFest Sin Summer #2
August 21st | ManiFest Pride Party
September 25th | Fetish Fashion Party
October 30th | ManiFest Halloween
December 4th | ManiFest X

*All dates are of course depending on the C-19 situation.

In the meantime stay safe and misbehave responsibly!

Happy sleazy Easter,
Stephen & Anton

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