Kinky explanation about Power Exchange!
This is a short description of PE (Power exchange) to TPE (Total Power Exchange) from my perspective and based on my experiences and knowledge.

As I always emphasis before everything starts there should be a great deal of communication, Dom and sub should talk about their limits and boundaries and sub should pick her/his safeword.
Then when the dynamic is going to take a place, always should be a written contract that contains terms and conditions of power exchange dynamic.

There are many different levels of power exchange dynamics in BDSM, some just use it for sexual role play while others use it as a daily lifestyle and routine.
The level that each Dom starts her/his PE differ from each other and it depends on how soft or hard they play and also how newbie friendly their techniques are.
In PE lifestyle, Dom will have some rules and routine which can be from diet preferences to outfit, sleeping hours and so on but it doesn't cover all spectrum of submissive life.

Total power exchange (TPE) lifestyles, require a submissive to give up all control to their dominant, without limits or boundaries. (The most important thing here is that everything from PE to TPE should be consensual). For example if I want my submissive eat vegetarian but he really doesn't want to do that then I can not beat him until he accept it 🙂. So There will be two options, I change My rule or I let him to move on to find another dynamic.

In My opinion no Dom should start TPE lifestyle from day one, the start point should always be PE and then with time and trust the dynamic in a consensual way should turn towards TPE if that's what the sub wishes for as well.

TPE lifestyle is also differ from person to person because some rules can be counted as total submission for some submissive while for some the others there are on PE level.

TPE includes control over the submissive's diet, career, social activities, appearance, place of living, style of living and in extreme cases even budget controlling.
In exchange for complete submission in TPE, the dominant partner is responsible for the health, safety, and general well-being of their submissive.
The full TPE happens for live-in slaves.

PE and TPE are still part of BDSM so they follow the rules of safe word and that's the main important thing which separate them from being an abusive relationship!

I hope this explanations help some of you to clear your mind about this subject.

Have a kinky day
Lady ArtMaze

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