From daddy to little.
As mentioned in my profile, I've taken on the role of being a daddy dom in all my past relationships. For some reason, I've always enjoyed taking care of someone, being their guardian as well as provide punishments and rewards. Yet, 7 months ago, I've opened up more and more to the idea of being submissive. It never occurred to me how much I enjoy it but looking back at it now, I've always been into it. I crave love and affection, being taken care of and adored, maybe it has to do with my childhood. I didn't have a pleasant one, it was full of yelling, hitting and abuse, I just wanted to be held in the arms of a mommy figure but I told myself to "stay strong" which might explain why I've felt more confident being the caregiver.

Furthermore, I have recently been opening up more and more about my feminine side which I've had for a long time. Can't really trace back a specific date to when I started feeling feminine, but it seems to have started developing during my teenage years (Gosh, I sound old now). I'm still confused about it because I'm not entirely feminine nor entirely masculine, I possess traits of both sides yet seem to lean towards my feminine side more. When taking on the role of a daddy, my masculine side really shines, not because of societal norms, it just comes naturally. However, this isn't what this post is about, maybe I'll open up about it later in another post. For now, I really feel happier and more comfortable being a femboy as well as a little, being put in my little zone just gives me all kinds of positive feelings and my mommy certainly knows how to put me in my little zone. When she talks sweet and caring to me, I just feel really good on the inside, I would like nothing more than to just lay in her arms.

I'm not sure when my mood will shift back, but for now, I can't say I enjoy any other role more than being consensually abused, owned, hurt, loved and cared for by my mommy ♥

30 jul 13:36

Vill du bli underrättad när Adelex skriver nya dagboksinlägg och alster? Ja

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