Short Review of the Anime Goblin slayer
watched goblin slayer for the 7th time, I know that it is controversial and even triggering to some because of the cruelties shown . But It has a lot to teach when it comes to friendship and to do everything you can for it and also about standing up against cruelty. Some parts are triggering for me due to my trauma, however I will still watch it because it helps me get through my trauma. It is brutal yes, but not without logical reason.

Cruelty is brutal, evil and makes you shiver. You feel like the ground will shatter and you will fall to your death, but you can't stop walking because of that fear. Every step takes bravery, every step makes you stronger, every step is a testament of you winning your struggle, what ever it may be. Don't be afraid of asking for help, there is no shame in it and it takes bravery and trust to do it. Do not give up, share your weights, dare to be you.

That is what I see when I watch GS and it is a reminder of my own victories and my courage to share my trauma, my mental weight. It gives me a way express my pain without saying a word and gives me a way to fight my demons, even when I do not have the strength to do so. Goblin slayer had his army and so do I, I thank that loving army.

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