Whorification and the way to utterly depraved bliss.


Even in our perilous and depraved world we seldom find the fully fledged whore or even rarer the more budding type of the premature whore. It is a very taboo and stigmatized desire as the desire is not often obtained as the beautiful trait it is, but more as a stigmatizing necessity that is derived from poverty or evil slave like trades in the world. In my own opinion one of the most horrifying fates a woman can endure in our society if forced upon her. However we travelers of the darker realms of lust are privileged to come across a specimen of these gifts of true and ultimate desires. As a true connoisseur that I am in the arts of perversions it is extremely hard to resist. I must confess to you dear reader that it stirs something irresistibly in me to be able to see how my well trained slut do succumb to an offering of her most private parts to a man who barely can keep himself restrained. It is partly a great pleasure to be able to even dominate a dominant man and he being blissfully quite unaware of the fact that I am the one pulling the strings in his pants thru a willing sluts soft and warm insides. It is intriguing to be the maker of a whore. A proper one that is a jewel in fucking and sucking and do please the man of my choosing. There are not many ladies out there that can sustain such a role with true compassion and desire. But once they are unraveled to the mysteries of being in the center of attention for several males they expand their passion very much. Last but not least give her a stagename.

Are you ready to be my owned whore, Aspasia?

Rules and communication

Set them beforehand and not when she is fired up.
How far will you go?
Go slow!
Take it in separate steps and escalate!
She sets the pace no matter what!
If she is carried away too much restrain her!
Know the boundaries for every session on beforehand!
Always remember you are at least three in this endeavor!
And leas but not last, be in fucking control of the whole situation please!

The prelude

I do always start with the mental part. She must be inclined to have a ground kink for it or otherwise I must say that you should let it slide. Look at porn where there are a few dominant males and a girl, check the response. She shall be exposed and I would like her to rehearse properly before she is exposed to a real situation. Fuck-talking she into whorish confessions while giving her a rough but hard ride on you own rod is a very god step along the way. She must entertain the idea and then be horny as hell when you dirty-talk it in to her mind and seduce her with the notion that she will have several men and that they are focused on her pleasure. It is like every kink will be materialized but with more hands, dicks and what not. She must be drawn into being a centerpiece of attention and quite egoistic and like the pedestal quite notorius. Next step you should be entertaining in your shrew mind is to be able to get her on the floor and to act as a whore. It is clothes, heels and minimum amount of nickers. Try outfits and have her train on showing off her main assets like titts, ass and foremost the main player in the game the pussy itself. I had a fitting especially made for her when we actually looked at how short a miniskirt shall be to be to expose the little cunt just barley. Let her try different outfits in whorishness. Also make her show off by do different variations of spread eagle, standing on all fours, hands on the wall and so forth so that the little vixen get an idea about how to do it properly when the actual customer do appear in the shadows. Now comes the actual part of measurement. Is she stirred down there? Has the process got her wet as hell? Is her inside showing hints of snail trailing all the way up to the peak of Kilimanjaro? If not then you have to lay down you efforts. I am truly sorry but the matter of fact is that testing this must prove that she is turned on to the idea in a genuine matter and are serious about the core values that need to be in place for this to actually go thru all the way. If the fountain is watering as expected, then you dirty-fuck her straight up like a whore… Just as she likes it! You do her properly and preferred in a prolonged way, no short little fucki fucki but a real satanish longhaul and getting her to cum as a whore is absolutely essential. Prasing her way to whoredom as you finish her off!

The initiation

You start up with going to a public party. As a gentleman with a whore by your side you are her guardian and protector. If conditioned right she will set some males truly on fire and you have to be her violent pimp if needed, defending her from men who are unable to control their own desires. This is the most dangerous side of exposure to less known males. If you can you should have brought in men that you know are good bastards and not with any evil tendencies. Go for more soft dominant males that also are caregivers. And what is more important, YOU have to be on top of the whole situation all the time. There can be no doubt whatsoever who are the proprietor and guardian of the scared little gem that you have polished into perfection. You give precise instructions to what he is allowed and what is not. If you lose the control here you are jeopardizing her safety and her kink, worst case you are giving her scars that may never ever heal. Do not push or pull too much, she must find her own way to her own whoredome. You are to become the mere specter that facilitates this for her. At first there is the procedure of an offering. How does that come about? Dress her as rehearsed and position her in between you and another man, strike up a conversation about nothing and all tings. Do not go into anything that is about whorish tings at all. Let her feel her way forward here being in a tight spot between two males. After a while you may draw her to the side and ask about her experience. Is there a trail of budding anxiety or exitment working her mojo? If positive take the next step to a more direct offering of her flesh to a man. Strike up a conversation and complement on how extremely hot and horny she is. Praise her assets and skills in a good manner. Have you trained her in every aspect regarding good capability in every orifice you should talk about. Brag about how well broken in she are and so on, you should pimp the goods. Do raise her to the sky as she is a true fuck-goddess of immense magnitude. You should now be able to detect if the male in question are keen on the game itself. You may now escalate one step. It is time to also give him verification on all statements you have uttered and give him solid proof of every syllable you have bespoken her of.

The test

Ask her directly if she is horny and if she consent to this? If so, it is a matter of fact you may swiftly offer her snatch up for a quick feel by your designated male. You may want to check the statement by yourself and indeed give evidence of her willingness for whoring first. Prodd her under her nickers, caress her ass and show off her titts. Ask her to do the marvelous swank she has rehearsed…
-Oh, let me check her right now! My golly she is soaked I must say. How convenient, well she is practically wet 23 hours out of 24. Go ahead and check for yourself my dear fellow. She is smooth as silk I can assure you of that!
Now you part her nickers and offer the slut from behind. Urge him to get a notion of what lies ahead. Give him a minute or two with her; ask her gently to spread so that he may get his way around with her private parts. Now you must keep close attention to first her then him. You are in control of two separate individuals here as I assume that you are able to control yourself. If she seems uncomfortable please in a gentle manner break of the whole situation. You should have your hand close to his so that you may gently brush him of verbally first and physically if he does not respond. When she starts to get fired up then you should break it of as you are the one in control here. You have to check both his lust and her initially so do not get squirrel-eyed on your own shivering cock please!

Upping the stakes in the whore ladder

So now you have a man that hopefully is willing to entertain her at your pleasure. If you are keen on it both you may get into some more nasty head on whoring right up her private ally so to speak. A more direct experience is now to take place on the stage where she now should be the natural centerpiece! It is time to throw in a pimification-combo… I would strongly recommend to keep her poised on the target and to dirty talk her in the interlude to sustain the spirit of being up for grabs but also to check of if it is as good as imagined, beak off if she is not keen. If you get a green flag go ahead. Now you go into a restraint situation if that is her cup of tea. Depending on her kinks you should aim for something that exposes her private parts quite frank and so that her now streaming cunt is more or less open to be scrutinized. A cross or a buck or similar is perfect. Depending on her needs as a kinky slut you may restrain her so that she has a more subdued position. Now warm her up a bit with some mild flogging or spanking and dirty talking on the whorish side of the spectre. If you are lucky some man that previously has been prodding her private parts will show up for some more action if not you may start from the top by addressing one person in the audience as to her vital assets as a little vixen and how a perfect little fuckdoll she is. If they are keen on this ask her if she would like to be “tested” and if she consents to this you may ask a man to partake in your arousal of her. Be sure to act as her guardian, you must be wise and let him know that you are her handler and caregiver so that he may act accordingly to her wishes. Tell him what she likes and how he should treat her to be able to lure out even more whorishness from her. Now you should get him to state the obvious matters telling you how she feels and how nice her jucy little cunt are and keep it up as long as he are getting higher and higher up on the trail to blissful whorish delights. Personally I do intervals; me doing all the stuff that I know makes her spin off to pervocloud number nine and intermingle with another male. If in any doubt I tend to lean in on her closely in between the interludes and ask if she is ok. Do these checkups regularly. I keep one rule to myself and that is that I keep her orgasm in my own property so to speak.


In order to close he cunt and send her on a trip to the really darker side of the moon and back I do order him to break off and I give her a more frantic feel to get her as high on the whore-coke as she can. Spanking, fingering, giving evidence that she is a true whore now and that I and only I own her cunt, make her confess to her shameful offerings and that you are her pimp and so on. Give her a proper spanking or flogging so that the gets all the way into whore-space. Do keep the john in the vicinity by stringing him along verbally and maybe even a feel or two in the more intense final. As a true gentleman I time her and I do release her and turn her around and squirt her right in-front of him to show of her extreme excitement and willingness to submit to being a true and passionate, perfected little whore.

Ask her to thank him!
Do proper Aftercare.
Do proper follow up.
Respect her!
Repeat if needed…


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