The shit fan is in the eye of the beholder
The shit fan is in the eye of the beholder.

A lot of people go through life thinking they’ll never be truly miserable. They see others who are miserable and assume that they were somehow born in to misery. If not, they must have done something to deserve it somehow. Some probably really got a shitty deal and was born into a miserable family. Some got at least a good head start to misery along the road somewhere, adults like teachers, priests or a horny uncle can serve as good tickets into misery as parents.
But misery is something anybody can achieve, if they set their mind to it. As a matter of fact, It’s a lot easier to be miserable than happy! And misery is far more easy to maintain than happiness. Happiness takes a lot of work and still goes up and down. With misery there is very few surprises. Compare to happiness it takes very little miantainenc to keep it constant. You can be miserable any time, all the time, anywhere. All you need to do is to learn how to get miserable, how to maintain it and how to live with it. It’s just a simple choice, and I can show you how to make it.

You don’t have to be short, fat and ugly. You don’t even have to be stupid or untalented (there is plenty of millionaires that have put a gun in their mouth.) You don’t have to have a history of sexual abuse or been abandoned at a young age. There’s always time and with all the opportunities you can possible need to turn things around for awhile to become miserable, and so totally useless. So, all you good looking successful people with good jobs, pension savings and all happy childhood memories, do not dispere. Misery don’t care about ender money or happy childhood memories.
Misery is possible here and now. All you have to do is make a few simple choices. Those choices works like a life keys, moving you from one track to another. So easy, no warnings, no resistance, it’s barely notable in the beginning. But, nourish those choices and they soon becomes unstoppable. consuming everything But when it’s al gone and there is nothing more to loose, no more money, no relationship’s, no honor or pride, you have achieved one level of through misery.

Now, luckily for everyone that never jumpt on the “the misery train” before I’ve put together five of the most important keys you need, to switch your track from success to misery.
God luck and enjoy the ride.

1. No Matter What, keep your eye on the shit fan.

The beautiful thing about being human and living in such a complex and incomprehensible world is that no matter what happens, finding something shitty about it is never too difficult. Our minds are capable of rationalizing almost anything, so why not rationalize how wrong things are instead of things that work? To focus on al the things that are going to hell in this world and around you is a perspective that a miserable person not can be without. The news and internet is overflowing of misery. Just turn on the TV or open your lap top, there is injustice, death and misery in abundance it’s just to dig in.
It’s also helpful to adapt a different approach on things that you use too like as a person of value.
If your girlfriend wakes you up with a blowjob. Sure nice but now, it’s also an obvious way of manipulating you, there you have it. The shit fan is on, and it’s going hit you in the eye.

If It would happen that you win some money on the Lottery.
Think of the taxes and all the debts you have too pay first. If it would happen to be anything left, you only loosing out on welfare until broke again. Everything comes with a price, sooner or later the shit fan will hit you in the eye again.
Remember. When life gives you lemonade, make lemons.

2. You Are Always A Victim
Scraping on the bottom of the barrel in life has its challenges, as well as being successful it takes some dedication and will. Probably one of the most important component mentally too stay miserable for as long as the rest of your life is. Decide from start, that nothing is ever, never your fault! And that there’s absolutely nothing you can do to ender change that or make it better. Every perceived wrong is an injustice and you are absolutely powerless to fix it. This may feel a little awkward in the beginning, but if you are consistent it soon becomes and feels totally natural.
If you pay attention to people around you, you’ll notice that a lot of people take responsibility for the shitty things in life. “Oh, I’m working more, but that’s what happens when you’re promoted to manager!” Or “Yeah, I have to pay more taxes, but that means I’m earning more, right?” Or “Yeah, our charity donations wasn’t enough to cure AIDS, but at least we’ve stopped the spread of it in most of East Africa.”
A bunch of fool’s, all cheery and successful and shit. Now when you have all the time in the world (except too nurture your misery of course) remember the amount of work you use to put in, and see how much good that did. And where is al the tax you paid, probably some shit bag politician using it to build himself a 8 bed, summer house somewhere nice. One thing is for sure, it’s not showing on the well fare check. So fuck it. And if they don’t die of Aids in Africa they sure as hell will find another as miserable way of dying, if not worse. And what do I care!
How could you accept responsibility for your own situation when there is greedy, fat idiots like that dictating the rules of society. Make the best of it, take a stand!
As a victim of the dysfunctional system, created by the rich and successful. Demand a constant stream of sympathy and support from everyone more successful around you than you? (In reality that is everyone.) When you take that step to become an emotional vampire, it allows you to complain about the never ending stream of personal injustices that is now known as your life. And that while still feeling justified in wasting everyone’s time and energy around you on just that.
If society is turning the shit fan on you!! That’s right. Turn it right back at them.

3. Nobody Understands You Ever

From now on there are two kinds of people in the world.
1. People who agree with you.
2. And people who are wrong.
What you realize when you’re miserable is that most people don’t understand you. They don’t even have a slightest clue what you’ve gone through. They’ve never felt anything like the hardships you’ve felt. If only they could understand how seriously fucked up your parents rely was. Or how unfair you got treated in school by the teachers. They could maybe then get a small glimpse into the terrible loneliness that’s been your life. On a planet of seven billion people, your experiences are so unique and unfathomable that anyone who attempts to connect with you, or understand you is, either being patronizing or outright manipulative. If everything sucks, witch nobody else seam to understand but you. Then you are almost obligated to spend as much time you can convincing people how wrong they are about, well, everything.

4. Is especially important if anyone tries to help you.

To help you they have to understand you. And your situation being so unique in this world, you must first explain to them how wrong they are about you and your situation. They tell you that you should look for a job or start freelancing on the side so you eventually could leave your current miserable sorry excuse for a home. But they don’t understand how bad the job market is right now, and that working for yourself is too unstable for your current lifestyle. Besides, you didn’t go to some fancy super school, so you have to explain to them that you don’t have the connections or credits you need to get a “good job” or to start something that’s “worth your time.” You must explain to them that, obviously, you’re better off just spending your days suffering in your shitty home with some shitty food watching some shitty TV. That in order to be able to buy a few beer once a week, only to be able to forget about it all for a few hours.
The extent of your misfortune can be overwhelming to many people. Sometimes people will pretend to understand you and then start agreeing with you. Despite their nice intentions, they’re only agreeing with you because they’re taking pity on you. Remember, everything sucks. So be sure to remind them to not be such patronizing shits and that they can’t fathom the darkness in the pool of sadness that douses your soul every waking moment. Some people will go so far as to sympathize and try to tell you that they know how you feel. The arrogance to assume they understand your pain can absolutely not be tolerated. Try to explain to them exactly how far of they are, with at least the same arrogance! That should teach them.

5. Be Spiteful and Make Generalizations

The thing about everyone else being wrong all the time is that after a while, they may as well all be the same. When everyone else is wrong about something and everything is screwed up, why even bother discriminating between them anymore? This also allows you to practice some self-righteous indignation, the pinnacle of being a miserable, hateful person.
Immigrants is taking all the jobs, and if not, they draining all the tax money for well fare. And they’re breading as rabbits, no wonder you can’t find a place to live, there al taken by those rabbits.
And these days the only job a guy could take, is were there is no women working. Otherwise it’s straight to jail for sexual harassment just for having a penis.
But of course, you don’t actually do anything about this stuff. You’re the unsung saint, the person who tolerates the injustices of the world and never demands
their own share in return. This allows you to maintain your role as a social victim against all odds. And you’ll always have something to argue about with people.

Why Be Miserable?
So you’re probably thinking, wow, I feel worse about myself already! But why would I want to be so miserable all the time?
God question, glad you asked.

When you’re miserable, there will always be people who will try to make you feel better. If you’ve never been able to get much respect, love or care throughout your life, you may come to discover that being miserable attracts people’s attention. People will go out of their way to convince you to feel better and give you the much-needed validation you’ve been starved of for so long.

When you’re miserable, you can feel secure in victimhood rather than insecure in responsibility. Acting out and changing the world is scary. And better to be safe than afraid.

When you’re miserable, no one will expect anything of you, and you’ll always have an excuse or someone to blame when things go wrong (which they always will).

When you’re miserable, you get to feel like the world is against you rather than accepting that the world
ly notices you at all, that you have to work and earn the admiration and influence you desperately desire.

When you’re miserable, you can wait for someone to come save you instead of having to save yourself.

When you’re miserable, you can pretend the world hates you so that nobody realizes how much you hate yourself.

When you’re miserable, you can avoid the forgotten truth that somewhere along the way you were hurt deeply, and that you are just to scared to deal with it.

Lifeˋs a bitch....

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