Kinky Quarters guide to the KK-shopping
In Pride Park’s Kinky Quarter you will find lots of different activities to try, interesting talks, and fun filled shows. And of course, the shopping should not be missed! The KK crew had a chat with the sellers that will be joining us this year about what they will bring to KK, what they believe will be a big hit this year, and what you as a visitor will find in their stalls. Here is our shopping guide to this year’s KK!

Chambers of Love
Chambers of Love have always had their focus on the people who make up Pride and the BDSMF-scene. With them you will find a wide selection of high quality BDSM gadgets, including unique pieces from their own product range in stainless steel, and hand-crafted whips. They also have their own collection of real corsets and fetish clothing and lots of adult toys.
This year they will present a new collection of leather and PVC clothing with everything from new harnesses to shorts, vests, tank tops, shirts, ties, bags etc.
At Kinky Quarter the owner Attila, store manager Tottis and the happy employees Kim, Fredrika and Pernilla help you choose among all the goodies.
The new collection, that they hope will be a success, can be seen on the catwalk on Wednesday at 20.30. They will also give you a taste of what else they have to offer.
Good to know for you as a visitor – the staff here will help you determine your corset size, and help you find your perfect size and style among 50 different models. The same is of course true for all their other clothes, and regardless of the kind of party you are aiming for they can help you find a completely new outfit.
Tottis also wants us to mention that before you leave the Kinky Quarter you should get a bottle of the orgasm oil "Oh! Holy Mary!", rumour has it most people find the effect jaw dropping. And who says no to better orgasms?
You can also find Chambers of Love at Drottningatan 71D in Stockholm (C.U.M. Clubwears basement) and in cyber space: or as Chambers_of_Love at Instagram and Chambers of Love on Facebook.

C.U.M clubwear
Sells a wide range of clothes; kinky, club, latex, patent leather, gothic and shoes up to size 46. To the Kinky Quarter they will bring: Glitter T-shirts, glitter shirts, police hats, fake leather caps, kinky lingerie, blinking shoes, ladies shoes in men’s sizes, patent leather clothes, fake leather clothes, rainbow clothes.
As a visitor to the Kinky Quarter you will meet C.U.M staff: Pyunik, Gabriella, Eveline and Dominika Skansen who all wishes you a warm welcome.
They also have a fashion show on the main stage on Saturday August 4 at 19.15.
You can also find C.U.M at Drottninggatan 71D in Stockholm and online at

Justine & Juliette
In the Kinky Quarter Justine & Juliette will focus on trans gear and different types of tools for BDSM-play, with everything from whips and ropes to penis plugs and nipple clamps. They also have lots of other toys like dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, etc. Just as last year they will have the trans blogger Jonathan as a speaker and he will show, among other things, their binders, binding bras and packers.
Here in the Kinky Quarter you will meet shop manager Nillaan and her staff Litill and LeChef. They will help and guide you with sizes on both clothes and toys, and can also adjust and adapt their vegan packing straps for you while you wait. LeChef is Justine & Juliettes rope specialist and can help you find the right ropes and spanking/whipping tools.
They believe the most popular buy this year will be: trans gear, canes and rope.
You can also find Justine & Juliette at Stockholm Fetish Fair and Göteborg SM&Fetish Weekend. Online yu find them at:

Our bar at the Kinky Quarter will as before be managed by the Gay/HBTQ club KING KONG that usually holds court at Mariatorget 1A in Stockholm and online at: and
This year they serve wine (white, red and rose) a selection of beers and ciders, and also non-alcoholic alternatives. The staff at KING KONG promises us that the bar will be fabulous!

Platinum Ink Piercing Company
Here you can get first-rate tattoos, cosmetic tattoos and piercings on site at the Kinky Quarter. Their collection of jewellery is too extensive to bring here to the KK but you can see it at the studio in Östgatagatan and also in their online shop.
Simon has been here with us before and says both tattooing and piercing is always popular. The staff is well prepared for you; Enrique and Thomas do tattooing, Lynn can give you cosmetic tattoos, and Simon is ready to pierce you.
Platinum Ink Piercing Company is located in Södermalm, at Östgötagatan 79 to be exact. They have been in the premises since 1993 (under a different name but in the same studio and with the same focus on quality and safety). Online you can find them at:
You can also book an appointment direct online:

Proud Tattoo
You can also get beautiful tattoos from Asin and Esperanza here in the Kinky Quarter. If you have a tattoo done by them here in the KK you will also get a 20 % discount on jewellery at Zoi Tattoo in Stora Nygatan 15 in Old Town (08-410 992 90,, respektive:
Asin tells us that previous years the most popular tattoos have been rainbows or a single word: "Proud". You can also find Asin and Esperanza at Instagram as @asintattoo and @esperanza_heavenlyink

If all this is not enough for you there is also shopping, drinks and food available in the larger Pride Park area, more info on this is found here:

You can find more information about Kinky Quarter and the program for this year here (no need to log in)
Find out more about Kinky Quarter here: (requires free of charge login for external visitors)

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