Information about Kinkykvarteret (The Kinky Quarter)
Hello and welcome to Kinkykvarteret, the Kinky Quarter

We are all surrounded by norms and expectations, especially when it comes to sex and sexuality. There is a lot of prejudice and ignorance about these things, BDSM and fetishism included. We want to change this!

The Kinky Quarter, or KK for short, has its own area in Pride Park dedicated entirely to the BDSM and fetish scene. Kvarteret, our neighbourhood in the park is meant to be a safe place for play, exploration and curiosity.

BDSM is a framework term for bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, including sadism and masochism. The term is used for expressions of sexuality where consenting adults finds mutual contentment in different forms of power exchange.

Fetishism is about feeling the same contentment and passion in relation to certain types of objects or concepts. This could include a specific type of clothes, material, substances, body parts, things or acts performed by yourself or others. Some people just wants to spice things up a little, for others it’s an identity and a way of life. Pride Park is organised by Stockholm Pride, a non-profit organisation where everyone works without pay.

Stockholm Pride works to increase recognition and visibility for hbtq-issues and create a safe space for people who identify as gay, bisexual, trans and/or queer and the gender expressions that finds their home within the hbtq community.

The Kinky Quarter is a part in Pride Park between the 1st to the 4th of August

In the Kinky Quarter several associations and clubs are represented and there will always be someone in attendance to answer your questions. Throughout the week when Kinky Quarter is active we arrange demonstrations, discussions and workshops, and you can also try out different activities such as spanking and rope bondage. The trial corner is handled by the different associations within our community.

There will also be a bar to hang out and relax in, and the opportunity to shop around for fetish clothing, BDSM toys and sex toys.

Regardless of your personal sexual identity you are welcome to visit the Kinky Quarter inside Pride Park, as long as you support the common values of Stockholm Pride. Newbie, just curious, or experienced kinkster, please come inside and say hello!

We are open for all visitors to Pride Park but will have an age restriction of 18 years or above. Your ticket to Pride Park is valid for the Kinky Quarter too. Stockholm Pride 2018 is held July 27 to August 5 and The Kinky Quarter is open the 1st to the 4th of August.

See you there!

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