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Embrace and explore: a weekend of conscious sexuality and play

⏰️Friday 14 june — sunday 16 june
📍️House of play, Shetlandsgade 3, Copenhagen (Hovedstaden)
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Join us for a weekend of deep exploration and authentic connection, going deeper into conscious sexuality and play.

Together, let's embrace our vulnerabilities and celebrate our unique fantasies and taboos. House of Play facilitators offer you tools, theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in playful sessions, that you can use to have sexy, safer, deep and connected kink sessions and play with more bravery and integrity.

We finish off an inspiring weekend with a play party where you get to practise everything you learned in a safer space.

What to expect

Throughout the weekend we will introduce you to all the best of House of Play.

By exploring our bodies through dance and playfulness, learning skills with ropes and impact, and diving into theories of individual archetypes and concepts like taking/surrender, we will expand our understanding of play within ourselves and as a group. It will be fun and deep and you will get a chance to connect with new and curious people.

The weekend offers you engaging and intense exercises, and you are never expected to participate outside your personal boundaries.


Friday 14th June, 19.00-22.30
Welcome and introduction to the weekend
Keywords: Consent work, getting to know the group

Friday evening will be spent getting to know each other. Through exercises of embodied consent and short meetings, we will land with ourselves and the group and get ready to spend the weekend together

Saturday 15th June, 10.00-22.30
Keywords: Conscious dance, Archetypes in play, Taking and surrendering, Impact play, Facilitated play session

Saturday we will warm up and connect to our bodies with a conscious dance session, so we are connected to ourselves before we start connecting to others

From there we will wiggle into exercises of archetypes in play:
Explore ways of playing with polarity that feel true and natural to you in connection to yourself and your partner, to build experience in how your play can be more authentic, personal and interesting
After lunch we dive into the key concepts of taking and surrendering, to understand how we can go deeper into polarity and have more powerful and meaningful encounters in play. We will experiment with concepts like taking what you want, allowing emotional access, the beauty in suffering and the gift of surrender. For this workshop you will get to learn some basic skills with ropes.

After dinner and to open up the evening we will dive into the wonders and joy of impact play, combining technique, theory and fun sessions with each other. You will learn impact technique, body mechanics and why it can be so, well.. impactful.

We will finish the evening by putting all our newfound knowledge and experience to good use in a small facilitated play session where we will play with polarity, directing and interacting freely - finding your personal expression.

Sunday, 16th June 10.00-17.30
Keywords: Body landing, Sharing pods, Fantasies and taboos, Play Party with DJ, Closing circle

Yet again we will be guided to land in our bodies and have a chance to do some small sharings and integrate our Saturday.

After lunch we are ready for a game of fantasies and taboo where we dare to share and maybe fulfil some personal desires.

The weekend culminates with a play party where you can use all the tools of the weekend to spend some crisp hours - celebrating the summer more connected and daring to go deeper to the tunes of a wonderful DJ

Who is it for

Whether you are a complete beginner or experienced in playing with conscious sexuality and experimental kink, this event may offer you deep and meaningful insight and inspiration and make connections to new and curious people.
The weekend is open for all genders, bodies and sexual orientations.
You can come as a single or with a partner. We encourage you to change partners and experiment with taking different roles during the weekend, always consent based and within your limits.
We play in a sex- and emotional inclusive space which means that sexual expression is welcome as long as everyone directly involved consents.
You are not expected to engage in any forms of communication or interaction that you are not comfortable with.

👗 Dresscode

Throughout Friday and Saturday we encourage you to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and allows you to move. As the weekend progresses into more juicy encounters, you may want to bring some clothes or items that make you feel sexy.
For the Sunday play party we encourage you to dress up into something that helps set the mood.

What to bring

Bring a selection of your favourite ropes and toys. We also have a limited number of ropes and impact tools you can borrow.
Contact us for information on where you can buy good quality ropes and impact tools.

Bring your own food or buy it in the surrounding area. It is not possible to cook at the venue, but there is a microwave.
Bring a water bottle and thermos cup with a lid and a towel/sheet for the play party.

📍Time and Place

June 14-16, 2024
Friday 19.00-22.30
Saturday 10.00-22.30
Sunday 10.00-17.30

House of Play, Shetlandsgade 3, 1, 2300 Copenhagen.

Price and Tickets

🤑🇸🇪 Discount code for those traveling from Sweden “öresundsbron discount” off 400 kr

1.800 DKK/person
1.440 DKK for House of Play members. As a special offer we give 20% discount to all members.
1.440 DKK if you are a student, on welfare, or for other reasons have a low income, please write to us on info@houseofplay.dk. We also offer a social discount on memberships

Tickets: https://hop.yogo.dk/frontend/index.html?itemId=10549&itemType=event&clientWebsiteReferrerUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.houseofplay.dk%2Fweekend-workshops%2Fevent-two-8pj9f#/login-with-cart

Meet the facilitators

Anitta Andersen (she/her)
Anitta originally comes from the world of yoga, meditation and Argentinian tango. She has many years of experience in teaching rope bondage, teaching couples and bigger groups. She moved very fast from the Japanese bondage style into a more free creative tying style. She teaches all levels, with focus on how to explore and expand ways you can tie, play with each other, move and dance together. She is passionate about creating playful spaces where people connect deeply with themselves and others. She embraces the awkward and weird, and also likes to go slow and deep.

Jac Fabian (he/him)
Jac Fabian is a rope and kink enthusiast. He is an experienced rope bondage teacher, performer, and conscious kink facilitator from beginners’ level to very advanced stuff, with a focus on concepts like trust, presence, connection, consent, polarity, dominance, surrender, integrity, and aesthetics. He has learned from many teachers in Japan and Europe and has performed in Tokyo and at The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen. Jac is devoted to co-creating inspiring workshops and play spaces, and he is the founder of House of Play.

Gabrielle (she/they)
Gabrielle is a familiar face in the Copenhagen kink scene and has been part of various different communities for the past 7 years. In recent years she has been involved in organising and facilitating events such as Ropetogether and The Conscious kink sessions. Gabrielle is passionate about continuously learning and staying curious, playing with authenticity and humour, and how awareness of our sexuality can bring deeper connections

Dunbear (they/them)
Dunbear is a hedonist and practitioner of sex magic. They have been hosting play parties and sex positive workshops in Copenhagen since 2016, and are a co-creator of Kinky Salon Copenhagen, one of the city’s most colorful sex positive parties. Dunbear has an exploratory and expansive approach to BDSM, seeking to emphasize the playful nature of sex. This makes House of Play a natural fit for them. They prioritize community building, and see sexual liberation as a tool to undermine the abstraction and isolation of capitalist society, gender norms, patriarchy, and the meaninglessness of daily life.

Miriam (she/her)
Miriam has been practising shibari for four years. She has been hosting smaller rope events and will be co-facilitating the monday Rope Jams. She loves the beauty and intimate meetings in ropes and is a natural switch who loves to play with polarity, bodywork, dance and laughter. She has a background in dance and Karate and is an Osteopat as profession

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