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⏰️Saturday 8 june — sunday 9 june, at 11:00 — 18:00
📍️Kinbaku Lounge, Trekronergade, 149A, Copenhagen (Hovedstaden)
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*All tickets released March 1 @ 18:00 CPH time - pre-release Feb 29 @ 18:00 CPH time for international participants + members*

For pre-sale code, please contact us via info@kinbakulounge.dk from Feb 29 @ 18:00 CPH time. Please notice: We do not make pre-reservations prior to pre-sale.


FLAVOURS OF SEMENAWA - 2-day semenawa workshop

Semenawa is often mistakenly associated with pain. But seme is not just for the sake of pain. Tight, restrictive ropes and strenuous or uncomfortable positions torment the body. Suffering can be not only physical, but also mental.

The mental aspects, though often neglected, are just as important as the physical ones. Tying the mind rather than the body together with helplessness and hopelessness or even frustration leaves no choice but to surrender that embodies the very essence of semenawa.

Let’s explore these possibilities more deeply. Creating a particular headspace brings with it strong emotions. Some of them may be dark, yet possess a unique and compelling beauty and strength. Embrace these emotions alongside our intentions and fetishes. Find out who we are, what appeals to us and where we want to grow. Get inspiration.

This workshop offers a journey through various shades of semenawa, all while honoring the spirit of kinbaku. We will navigate through nuanced flavours such as shame, tough love, stories we put into ropes and minds, objectification or exposure and humiliation. Even if some of these are not your kinks, we will provide alternative path to enjoy and learn from each exercise.

- Must know how to tie safe gote + suspension main line
(this will not be taught in this workshop)

Rope models:
- Must be body aware
- Must be open to get physically, mentally and emotionally challenged

- Must have experience and be familiar with various suspensions
- Must know about nerves and nerve risks

[min. Flying Higher eller tilsvarende / højere niveau]

June 8+9, 2024

Saturday 11:00-18:00
Sunday 11:00-18:00

DKK 3200.- / € 430 per couple
Members DKK 3000.-


Peter Soptik and Sansei's approach to ropes is about a deep connection between two people. They find this connection particularly in traditional kinbaku and are passionate about the Kinbaku LuXuria style. Peter has been studying this style with Riccardo Wildties and Red Sabbath since 2013. Riccardo is a deshi of Naka Akira and his style is an interpretation of Naka Ryu more suited to western riggers and models.

Sansei and Peter started their journey together a few years later and now not only study, but also research their own interpretation of the style.
Their tying and their teaching, includes classical patterns, aesthetics and also deep surrender to the core, dark emotions in semenawa and existing for each other.
Through kinbaku they pursue things they are passionate about. Among the different flavours they tie and teach are objectification and exposure, from shame to humiliation, and some niche topics such as neck rope and arm binders.

Peter has been studying Japanese bondage for a long time. He studied with Kinoko Hajime, Osada Steve, Nawashi Kanna, Arnoys Nicolas (Formerly known as Nicolas Yoroï) and Naka Akira. They taught him the basics, technique and also the movement, intimacy and simplicity of the ropes. Today his style is shaped by his studies with Riccardo Wildties and he is a certified instructor of the Kinbaku LuXuria style.

Sansei offers a deep surrender to her rigger, and lives in an almost altered state of being in the ropes. What is important to her is the natural living through the experience, and the power of the rope on the human body and soul. She is both a model and a rigger. Passing her experience from one role to another, allows her to understand and pass on deeper insights.

Although Naka style is their preferred way of tying today, they are open to enjoying spontaneity and fun with ropes, and their personal practice and teaching also includes lighter topics.

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