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Femdomm (Ritual of Devotion)- Underworld VIP Edition

Sunday 19 march 2023, at 15:00 — 19:00
📍Stockholm (Stockholms län)
Dresscode.  Application required.  Other criteria (see below).
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The time for this event has changed ( TBA)

This information is for anyone who identifies as a male submissive or slave!

The event date is not fixed yet in case slave training or selection, takes longer than expected, so the date may change.

Dominas will be invited via a different channel.

The purpose of this event is to worship and appreciate the existence of a very unique group of Dominas in Stockholm by creating a fantastic "ritual of devotion ".

In honor of Women's Day and to celebrate their existence, I'd like to dedicate this event to them. Seven lucky slaves/subs will be chosen to perform this ritual.
This ritual will only take place if I find the right candidates at the right time.

Regarding the event:
In contrast to most previous events in which you (sub/slaves) may have participated, this event will be fixed by you as slaves/submissives.
I will select those of you who I believe have the right mental and physical potential for this event, so not everyone who applies will be accepted.
I will train the chosen slaves/subs to the standards required for such an event and inform you of everything that needs to be done.

The chosen slaves must then prepare and create this event, from the food to all of the preparations for the " Ritual of Devotion."
So everything except the local would be on you.

This is a VIP and private event.
Those who are chosen will be properly trained and given the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and worth as a slave/sub in a very unique, safe, and private environment.

How to apply:

Send me a message and tell me about yourself.
This information should be included in your text:
In a vanilla life (education, work, and hobbies), who are you?
Who you are in the BDSM realm ( previous experiences, desires, kinks, and hopes)
How long have you been following this way of life?
Have you ever been to any other parties?
Have you ever been owned? (Name(s) of the owner(s))
What do you have or would you bring to this party that distinguishes you from other candidates?
Do you have any reference?
and a personal note if you believe it is necessary.

Candidates who are chosen and trained will be prioritized as volunteers for future events. But only if they are successful in obtaining a token from any of the Dominas at the end of the rituals.

Who knows, you might get lucky and catch their eyes as well. 😉

If you wish to send the information as a file, email it to contact@underworldparty.com

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