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Fredag 14 april — söndag 16 april
📍Tampare (Västra Finlands län)
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To surrender is to let go and fall, trusting that one will be caught, by life, by love, by wonder, by another. Surrendering brings great pleasure when one learns to let go of controlling the body, the emotions, and the ego and devote oneself to something greater. It’s applicable in lovemaking as well as in life in general. But unfortunately, there is an overvaluation of power in today’s society, and everyone is fighting for it, while surrender is undervalued.
Moreover, surrender touches upon masochism, physically enjoying endorphins rushing through the body and emotionally letting go of shameful limiting beliefs. The basic idea I learnt from Zen Buddhism is that bliss emerges when we stop fighting and accept life as it is, and then there is no suffering. Before psychology considered masochism a disease, religion thought it to be the cure. And I think there is something to that when it’s conscious and consensual. In my experience, anyone can enjoy it, or at least find it meaningful when it’s slow enough and well-balanced between safety and bravery.
Surrender belongs to the feminine aspect of the neo-tantric polarity. Still, I believe it’s essential for everyone of any (and no) gender to incorporate it into themselves as self-development and passion for lovemaking. While teaching surrender, I also indirectly teach how to hold space for anothers’ process of letting go. Participants describe it as intimate, vulnerable and trusting. And it makes them more resilient to the hardships of life.

The intermediate level requires some previous experience and practical knowledge. If ropes are involved, you should be able to wrap the upper and lower body, creating something stable that can take the weight and attaching new ties to existing structures for partly lifting the body. You should also have experience with how your body and mind react in vulnerable and intimate situations and how to communicate your boundaries. It’s beneficial if you also have an idea about the fantasies and desires that lead you to these explorations. You will probably also be introduced to new niche techniques and be given both practical training and time to play. The goal is to provide you with a journey where you can surprise yourself and hopefully question both your beliefs and my teachings on the subject.

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