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Support sex workers safety - Against increased criminalisation
Lördag 21 maj 2022, klockan 15:30 — 18:30
📌Ryssgården, Stockholm  (Stockholms län)  
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We invite you to protest with us on the 21st of May at 15.30, Location is at Ryssgården by Slussen - https://bit.ly/3FYPQcu - in Stockholm! Allies welcomed too!
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We will stand together and demonstrate against the Swedish governments proposition of mandatory jail time for our clients and the systematically unjust treatment of s-x workers!

For those who cannot join us in person please sign our open letter facilitated ESWA here:
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LINKS to interviews, info and fundraiser: https://linktr.ee/RedUmbrellaSweden


Neither Red Umbrella Sweden, nor any other sex worker rights organization in Sweden was officially invited to give our input on the matters of this political process. Matters that will have a detrimental effect on our lives.

We independently sent our input to the government, voicing our concerns about how this change will worsen the already harmful conditions for s-x workers, upheld by the current Swedish legal system, and asking that they acknowledge research, showing how the criminalization of s-x workers’ clients contributes to increased stigma, violence, less access to justice and ultimately less protection against s.xual abuse.

With a surge in police surveillance, it will not be our clients who are being followed and raided to a larger extent, but s-x workers will continue to be the main targets.

We fear that as usual the harshest consequences will be targeting the most vulnerable in our communities, such as migrants, trans women, people of colour, mothers, LGBTQIA+ folks, drug users and those who are experiencing poverty. We are also scared of the possibility of other countries, especially those who already have adopted this “model”, to follow Sweden's example.

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Nu är många av oss på plats på Ryssgården/Slussen! Syns snart!
Skynda på att bjuda in alla ni känner, snart är det dags! 💪💪💪
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Kärlek och gemenskap i sexualitets- och identitetsmångfald
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