Lalitas Party ~ 9 april

Lördag 9 april, klockan 19:00
📌Blivande, Södra Hamnvägen 9, Stockholm  (Stockholms län)  
Evenemanget riktar sig till Kvinna, Transkvinna, Par (kvinnligt), Androgyn, Bigender, Gender variant, Gender fluid, Genderqueer, Transfeminin, Tvåsjälad, Tomboy, Ickebinär, Demigirl, FtX.
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PLEASE NOTE THE DATE: Lalitas party is on April 9th.

Have you also felt the longing?
…that tingle down your spine?
….that extra beating of your heart?
…that desire drawing you in?

Well darlings…I’ve been calling for you - and now, I am back.

Enlivened by the last event’s euphoria, the time has come for me to once again invite you to my magical world at the enchanted house Blivande. As the world reopens and the first buds of spring begin to bloom, I warmly welcome you to join me on April 9 for a party that will be even more beautiful, playful, sensuous and grand than our last adventure together. Just take my hand and let this night be your guide, as we travel together even deeper down the rabbit hole of our wildest dreams…

I cannot wait to dance with you.
A heart-pounding welcome to Stockholm’s most delicious Lesbian Party.
With tingling love,


New to my world?
Lalita’s Party is a space for lesbian, bisexual and queer women who love women, that celebrates all that it is to be a woman. It is a space overflowing with lesbianess, with eros, sensuality, dance, play, love, adventure, wilderness and pussy power. Imagine a wildly beautiful room full of women dancing like there is no tomorrow, in deep connection with our bodies and with each other. A space where you can play, connect, fall in love, get turned on, feel your body, be wild, be crazy, be sad, be angry, be ecstatic and be here as the magnificent being you are.
My events are inspired by my favorite worlds of Burning Man and Tantra, and the night will offer everything from amazing female DJs to magic rituals, tantric ceremonies, rap performance, female empowerment workshops, ecstatic dance… As we fuse the creative experiential craziness of Burning Man culture with the deep womanhood worship of Shakti Tantra and the empowered female sexuality of the LGBTQ+ community - I expect nothing less than body-blowing magic.
Are you ready for the next level era of lesbian party?



Lalita Tripari Sundari is the form of goddess who most successfully holds together the apparent opposites of executive power and sexuality, and of sexual power and spiritual love. Queenly and playful, she represents a most delicious form of the integrated feminine.
In her cosmic form, Lalita embodies desire as the universal creative force, Eros. Though in our time we have relegated Eros to the Sexual, it is in fact something much wider and vaster. Eros is the driving force itself, and the erotic is that quality in reality that makes it lively, juicy and alluring. Lalita’s gift is the bliss that arises when you are able, through her grace, to recognize that every pore of your body, every eyelash, every moment of thought or breath is an expression of her divine play.
- Sally Kempton, Awakening Shakti

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Lalitas party är 9 april, tidigare råkade den hamna på 19e april i kalendariet här på Darkside.

Ett fabulöst initiativ, grymma värdar, vackra lokaler och trevlig stämning

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Kärlek och gemenskap i sexualitets- och identitetsmångfald
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