Dance Into Your Lust For Womxn 8 Week Program

Måndag 25 oktober 2021, klockan 18:30 — 21:15
📌 Skeppargatan 6, Stockholm  (Stockholms län)  
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Dance into Your Lust 8 Week Program
We will meet 8 Mondays, start Oct 25. Limited space for 20 participants.

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What is it about?
The intention of the course is to deep dive into ourselves together with others so mainly heal our relationship to our body and sexuality. Our lust is born from within us even though it is easy to connect it with people we are intimate with.

During these weeks you will be invited to feel that all your emotions come from yourself and eventually feel that you can own your sexuality and pleasure. This course has elements from dance, Tantra, Conscious sexuality and lies on a foundation from traditional dances och philosophies from Southern and Eastern Africa.

During one evening we will have guest teachers from Eastern Africa: Julieth Chuwa & Faith Wangui.

Every week there will be a new theme and during this period we will dance, express emotions, share secrets, cry, laugh and explore self love and pleasure in a held space. Some of the themes you can expect are:

Deep connection play and sisterhood
Self-regulation and somatic therapy
Boundary work - Saying yes and no
Moving from a teenage to adult sexuality
Attachemnts and how they affect our choices of relationships
Simple playful tools from kink and dominance & submission
East African Love making Rituals
Lap Dancing
The tools
Dance & Movement Therapy
Conscious kink
The Wheel of Consent (tm)
Somatic Experiencing
Traditional dances and traditions from Southern Africa

Why Womxn with an X?
This spelling is used to emphasize that cis as well as trans women are welcome and also other people who were assigned female at birth but might have a different identity today such as non-binary or other. It is also used to show that people from different ethnicity and of color are extra welcome to this event.

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From previous participants:
If I had to choose one word for this course, it would be "MAGICAL"! I'm so grateful that I participated. /V

I think I had a naive thought that I could keep on living in my flat emotional dead life. Therefore it was very overwhelming when things I had pushed away came out, but at the same time so freeing! Even more so in a nonjudging room that felt safe. The community feeling you created is something I have missed throughout my life and it was very beautiful to experience that and meet my emotions together with others. So as a conclusion; it was amazing to feel belonging, to be in a safe space, with open nonjudging people where I could find a deeper contact with my body and my emotions. Every exercise awoke thoughts and reflections that still affect me and have changed my train of thought. /Louise

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Kärlek och gemenskap i sexualitets- och identitetsmångfald
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