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Pride Online Hangout

⏰️Friday 13 august 2021, at 19:00 — 20:00
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From the infamous “bathroom bills” of the USA to the “family resilience bill” of Indonesia, new threats against the safety and freedom of LGBTQ+ people keeps getting introduced to parliaments around the world. In Russia and Hungary, open acceptance of LGBTQ+ people has been criminalized and branded as “propaganda”.

Come join us at the second day of World Pride 2021, in an online discussion about these issues. This online hangout at August 13 is hosted by the Swedish organization SFQ, Sweden's United LGBTQIA+-students. The hangout will be held in English. People from all over the world are welcome to share their thoughts, concerns and experiences regarding laws which would or do affect various LGBTQ+ minorities in problematic ways.

Please check the video of the discussion here : https://fb.watch/7ipD2H7ZGQ/

While the day for the hangout is during World Pride, it is also six days after a August 7 Stockholm Pride House lecture about these issues - “Outlawing homosexuals, sadomasochists and poor people in the name of family resilience?” by Aeshapadma Ageng Anjani and Xzenu Cronström Beskow, both board members at SFQ. This lecture is available both at Stockholm Pride House and on the SFQ Facebook Page. [insert link to the video here.] Both Aeshapadma and Xzenu are planning to participate in the hangout for further discussion about these laws, as well as for answering any questions about the lecture.


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