Move into Kink 5H Intensive Online

Söndag 11 april, klockan 16:00 — 21:00    Globalt  

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Move into Kink - 5h Intensive! Module 1.

Welcome To a Day to Kinkify Your Life! The approach is queer!

Do you want to:
▪ Meet your partner(s) in a more connected way?
▪ Explore your deepest desires?
▪ Learn how to step into the embodied energies of sub and dom in different ways?
▪ Learn how to handle unexpected emotions and trauma?
▪ Learn how kink can be healing?
▪ Explore the depth of asking for pain and its connection to both fear and pleasure.
▪ Explore kink through movement & dance.
▪ Be in a space where everyone is welcome beyond gender and s3xual preferences.
Module one will focus on:
▪ Pleasure & Pain
▪ Spanking and flogging
▪ Trauma Awareness
▪ Sensing your boundaries and build trust with your partner.
▪ Live demonstrations of play

The event will take place on Zoom. Alongside the teachings, there will be dance and guided exercises for both singles and couples. You can do them with your partner during the workshop or in break-out rooms with other participants. You can also choose to stay out of the exercise and do them later using the recording. Your personal videos will not be visible at the recording.

Price:(Includes 5h live exploration plus the recording valid for 30 days)
Singles: 950sek/95 €
Couples: 1500sek/150€

Sign up here:

What is the approach?
There are many ways to explore Kink and no way is the right way. Move into Kink is an approach that brings in elements of tantra, dance, and trauma healing into BDSM where presence and awareness are the number one goal of any practice.
You can be an advanced kinkster or a newbie and you will have things to explore in this workshop. In this approach, any s3xual play is always a healing journey where we are all beginners to each new moment. As we step into new territories, pleasure, as well as shadows, will arise as tools for our expansion. The method is based on Li Storm’s own experiences of play as well as teachings of conscious kink, wheel of consent, tantra, and somatic therapy.

The facilitator:
Li Storm is a queer dancer, Lust Coach, and conscious kink facilitator. They have many years of training and teachings behind in different modalities such as Conscious kink, Dance therapy, Southern African Dances, The Wheel of Consent, NARM, and many different social dance forms. They bring together a unique combination of these different tools where embodiment and emotional awareness stand in focus.
Li is famous for the energy they create in workshop spaces where people tend to feel warmly welcomed and in the end reach high levels of pleasure and expansion. Li has taught at many festivals and events across the Globe.

To read more, about Li visit:


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Kärlek och gemenskap i BDSM, kink, sexpositivitet, fetischism, uttryck och livsstilar utanför normativitetens fängelse
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