Dance into Your Queer Lust Online

Torsdag 3 juni 2021, klockan 18:30 — 21:00
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"Dance into your Queer Lust has changed my life. Li has created a safe space where one can be vulnerable and explore their sexuality. I feel more intimacy and connected with my partner and myself. I feel more embodied and sexy in my day to day life. This is so much more than just a dance workshop, it’s a journey of self discovery, self love, connection and authentic expression. " - Michael

This is a free workshop introduction to the full course that starts this fall.

Limited spaces for 18 participants.


Li Storm - Dance From the Root - Read more about me on my website.

Guest Teachers (in the full course): Henry Kaboe, Julieth Chuwa - East African traditions and s3xuality

My Vision
Our pleasure is part of our human nature, we just need to befriend it and invite all of its different flavors. The word lust in Swedish and in Germanic languages includes the full spectra of feeling good and the desire to engage in what feels pleasurable. I believe we need to invite everything lustful in life, while at the same time accepting and be curious about the emotions that might be blocking us from reaching the pleasure that we desire. I dream of a world where we move outside gender norms and race but still honor what our ancestors brings forward to us.

This program is built on connection and interactive exercises. It is developed to move you through different themes all related to our capacity to stay present in our s3xual selves. Week one we build connection and safety so that we week two can deepen our undestanding of boundaries. That set's up for allowing our emotions in the space, to hold and to let go in week three and explore gender and polarities in week 4. The last two weeks is a deepening of love making rituals from Eastern Africa and truly stepping into our pleasure.

The tools come from dance & movement therapy, tantra, conscious s3xuality, the wheel of consent and lies on a foundation of traditional dances and philosophies from Southern and Eastern Africa.

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Recensering av denna händelse är inte möjlig, då den ägde rum för alltför länge sedan.

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Kärlek och gemenskap i sexualitets- och identitetsmångfald
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