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Beyond Nudity experience

Friday 2 october 2020 — friday 16 october 2020, at 11:50 — 23:35
📍Vetlanda (Jönköpings län)
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2nd - 16th October 2020

Where were you when the Beyond Nudity Mansion Experience happened? This is the question that will be on everybody’s lips in years to come. We are giving you notice that a LEGENDARY event is about to occur… and you are invited!!!

This co-creative event is going to happen in a unique location: a luxury mansion in expansive and exclusive grounds, complete with lake! The mansion has a large sauna, a hot tub and lots of intimate spaces that will be dressed up for the occasion by a decadent and delicious Beyond Nudity Crew.

And for fourteen days, you will be taken on the most amazing journey of your life, becoming part of an erotic art movement, exploring your inner and outer landscapes, diving deep with other conscious explorers, becoming a performer and a director of your own destiny…. able to go in as deep as you like, within a safely contained space; able to explore your animal, spiritual and sexual nature, delighting in the delicious erotic adventure that you are writer, director and co-creator of…

During these fourteen wonderful days, you will have the opportunity to participate in conscious kink and primal play; you’ll be able to dress up and act out your fantasies (in an innocent or sinfully creative manner); there will be deeply held Love Temple spaces; there will be the Reverse Harem experience, where women can order men from a menu; and, of course, there will be lots of massage, conscious touch and tantric rituals. You will also, if you feel so inclined, have the option of auditioning to become a conscious erotic artist. You could become a star!!!

Your role at this event is not just as a participant, you will be a co-creator and a performer. From Day 3 – once everybody is warmed up and connected – we will have professional photographers and videographers present; all of them from a conscious sexuality background. They will be making material for Beyond Nudity… especially to promote the upcoming Beyond Nudity Live (watch this space for further details).

Please note: to keep costs down, every participant will be asked to help with cooking and cleaning… but don't worry, even that will be sexy and fun!

And what of the costs???

Well, we are keeping the price locked down at only 400 swedish crowns per day, which is extraordinarily good value for this kind of event. But not only that, we are offering a special early bird price of only 2,000 kroner, to be paid before midday on 27th September.

To get the early bird discount of only 2,000 kroner, send a message to us immediately for payment instructions.
Early bird 2000
Full price 2500

For short stay, a daily rate of 400 kr a day.

There are only 22 places for this event, and we anticipate it selling out fast, so we advise you to get in touch asap… we would hate for you to forever regret that you missed out. Even if you do miss out this time around, we promise you, there will be more events in the near future. So stay in touch!

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