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Bergborg: Kinbaku Salon (Paris)

Fredag 9 oktober 2020 — söndag 11 oktober 2020, klockan 11:00 — 23:00
📍  France  
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* Atelier Simonet (Paris) is proud to present BERGBORG and the Kinbaku Salon *

Bergborg teaches rope at a regular basis in his studio in Stockholm. Since a couple of years, he is also giving lectures on the pioneers of Kinbaku. Bergborg runs a blog about Japanese Kinbaku books, offering also material translated from Japanese into English. You can find it here : http://kinbakubooks.wordpress.com

During this weekend there will be historical lectures and materials presented about Muku Yoji, Dan Oniroku and Yukimura Haruki

This will be Bergborg's third weekend presenting historical lectures at Atelier Simonet.





Friday 9th October:
19.00--19.30 Welcome
19.30--21.30 Lecture on Muku Yoji
21.30--23.30 Open space for tying

Saturday 10th October:
11.00--14.30 Lecture on Dan Oniroku
14.30--16.00 LUNCH
16.00--19.00 Lecture on Yukimura Haruki #1
19.00--20.30 DINNER BREAK
20.30--23.30 Open space for tying

Sunday 11th October:
11.00--14.30 Lecture on Yukimura Haruki #2
14.30--16.00 LUNCH
16.00--17.30 Concluding Reflections, Q&A
17.00--18.00 DINNER BREAK
18.00--20.00 Open space for tying

The artwork of Muku Yoji (1928–2001) evokes strong emotions. Best known for his erotic pencil drawings of kinbaku-scenes, he also tied himself, did some erotic writing and photography, and was co-editing some of the best SM magazines of the time, working together with luminaries as Nureki Chimuo and Urado Hiroshi. In the 1970s, Muku became known also for his manga published by Joy Comics and Satan Comics.
In Muku's drawings there is a unique representation of the rope and the tied body – compared to other SM-illustrators, it is clear that Muku really understands the realities of tying. Still, most compelling in his images is the deep story that is communicated, often including crushed innocence, shame and transgression, as well as a grotesque enjoyment.
Many of Muku's drawings are based on photos with Nureki tying. The model and main inspiration of Muku's work was for 40 years his wife Yumeko. During the lecture, we will have a look at some rare materials, including photos of Muku's own tying, and reflect on the interplay between artistic drawing, photography and tying in the creation of erotic rope scenes.

Dan Oniroku (1931–2011) was a key figure in bringing SM out to a larger audience. Arguably Japan's most influential writer of SM-fiction, many of his works have also been adapted into movies, for example Flower and Snake –originally a series of short stories for the magazine Kitan Club in the early 1960s.
Dan's focus is the psychological side of SM. Influenced by Kita Reiko's artwork, his erotic stories typically explore aspects of taboo, guilt and shame – sometimes involving also the crossing of social boundaries, such as a meeting between an upper-class woman and a lower-class man. Conflicting feelings can lead to a special kind of perverse pleasure.
During the early 1970s, Dan organized a group of creative media professionals called Oni Pro (where for example Sugiura Norio took his first steps into the scene). During the same period, Dan worked with Nikkatsu studios producing a number of successful erotic films in the "Roman Porno" genre. During this time, he also ran a top-quality magazine called SM King and was the editor of a number of kinbaku photo-books.
During the lecture we will listen to some of Dan's stories, peek into some of his publications, and have a look at a number of examples from movies based on Dan's work.

Yukimura Haruki (1948–2016) never lets you forget that kinbaku is all about Eros. With his emphasis on the emotional exchange and the attentive listening to involuntary movements emerging in the interaction, Yukimura seduces not only his partner, but also the audience.
Beginning to tie for videos in the late 1980s, Yukimura spent decades working in this field, using what may appear as simple ties to create surprisingly original and beautiful scenes with his partners. Exploring the erotic imaginary, letting the energies of the situation build, allowing it to develop through the changing positions of the body, Yukimura is a master of movement.
In Yukimura's tying for photos, rope is sometimes more elaborate, sometimes exhibiting the effectiveness of a rope that knows how to capture a body – be it in a Damsel-in-distress situation, or a hojojutsu-style of tie – but always with an implicit dramatic story.
Yukimura took great care to transmit some of his insights through his own way of teaching, making him a pioneer also when it comes to questions about how to transmit skills that has to do with tying the "heart" of your partner.
During the two-part lecture, we will pay some extra attention to Yukimura's early work, as well as texts and interviews offering a glimpse of his discourse.

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and geographically in the world this will take place in?
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Recensering av denna händelse är inte möjlig, då den ägde rum för alltför länge sedan.

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