Wish Pride Munch

Fikaträff/pub/restaurang specifikt för kinkykulturen

Söndag 16 juni, klockan 19:00 — 22:00  Torggata 11, Oslo  (Oslo)  

https://www.frioa.no/wish/   wish@frioa.no 

Evenemanget riktar sig till Kvinna, Intersexuell, Agender, Bigender, Gender variant, Gender fluid, Genderqueer, Intergender, Neutrois, Pangender, Trans, Transkvinna (Male-To-Female), Transman (Female-To-Male), Transfeminin, Transmaskulin, Transperson, Trans*kvinna, Trans*man, Trans*feminin, Trans*maskulin, Trans*person, Transgenderfeminin, Transgendermaskulin, Transgenderkvinna, Transgenderman, Transgender, Transsexuell feminin, Transsexuell maskulin, Transsexuell kvinna, Transsexuell man, Transsexuell, Ciskvinna, Tvåsjälad, Ickebinär

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Wish Oslo invites you to a Pride Munch sunday the 16th June 2019!!
This the perfect occasion to get to know each other better before the play party on Monday.

This is a casual meet and greet where the goal is to get to know each other and talk about topics that interests us. Find us easily by spotting the Wish flag on the table.

Location: Uhørt (Torggata 11, 0181 Oslo)

Wish is a group by and for women, trans persons (FtM, MtF, non-binary and other genderqueer identities) and intersex persons who live their gender identity in their daily life, and have an interest for Fetish and BDSM. Events are open to everyone who fit the target group.

Become a member of Wish Oslo by becoming a member of FRI Oslo Akershus and sending an email to Wish@frioa.no in order to receive your membership card.

Wish Oslo is a group within FRI Oslo Akershus and belongs to an international network ofsimilar clubs and associations. Support the work for a free and open society for all. No one is free until everyone is free – become a member! – As a member of FRI OA you can also become a member of Wish Oslo.


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Recensering av denna händelse är inte möjlig, då den ägde rum för alltför länge sedan.

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