Pornceptual does Uranus | Stockholm

Annat open-minded evenemang som är en trygg plats för kinksters

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Uranus welcomes Pornceptual for the yearly visit to Stockholm. Expect all your desires to be conquered and challenged with a mix of everything from your deepest kink, your own sexual identity, the choice of outfit to the deep darkness of underground techno och decadence. Get it all and more.

Saurday May 11th
Age 18+
Members Only



In order to participate you must be a registered member and purchase a ticket. Exact location will be sent out by e-mail to registered members Saturday night around 22.00

|MUSIC by|
Jamaica Suk [Pornceptual]
Projekt Gestalten [Pornceptual]
Damien Eie [URANUS]
DJ Speedway [URANUS]

PORNCEPTUAL: A Visual Study of Unusual Pornography

Pornceptual is an art project that wants to de-contextualize pornography in its usual sense and show that explicit, sexual content can be considered art. It is a platform designed to enable the expression of multiple sexual identities in a creative way. We believe that art (and sex) should be an open, collaborative experience. The events were created to bring our ethos to life and allow our audience to experience what Pornceptual is about. Each event follows a theme. Visual artists and performers create something unique inspired by this theme for each event. The public is also invited to express their creativity through their outfits.

|Crowd/Party Identity|
Pornceptual is queer at heart but inclusive beyond labels. Our public is mixed, open-minded, and, although we have guests of all ages, our audience is mostly composed of young people seeking an opportunity to experiment with their bodies and expand their sexual horizons. We pride ourselves in not being a usual sex party. Although we encourage our guests to strip off and dress in fetish outfits, this is never mandatory. The events are all about creating an inspiring sexual atmosphere, where guests can express themselves freely. Secondly, we see having a strong link to art a great way to propose a different concept for every edition, from art movements - such as futurism or surrealism - to political or gender-related issues.

As part of Berlin's underground electronic music scene, the music is an essential element of the Pornceptual parties. In our regular events in Berlin, there are four dancefloors: the Lightroom (House/Acid House), the Bukner (Techno), the K Hole (Dark Ambient/Experimental) and the XXX Floor (Disco). In smaller events with only one floor, we do a transition from House to Techno. There are four resident DJs: Jamaica Suk, Curses, Esther Duijn and Projekt Gestalten . Previous acts have included DJ Hell, Norman Nodge, Boris, Ed Davenport, Blawan, Kim Ann Foxman, Mike Servito, Silent Servant, Volvox, Radio Slave, ItaloJohnson, Ø [Phase] among others.


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har inte fått location , köpte biljett precis

Recensering av denna händelse är inte möjlig, då den ägde rum för alltför länge sedan.

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