** FULLBOKAT **. KINBAKU: Intermediate Techniques for Semenawa

Workshop, utbildning, kurs o.dyl.

Lördag 25 maj — söndag 26 maj, klockan 10:00 — 17:00  Stockholm  (Stockholms län)  

https://bergborg.wordpress.com/om/   bergamott@live.se 

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Intermediate Techniques for Semenawa

Weekend Intensive at Kokoro (Stockholm)
with Alexander NawaRonin and Natasha NawaTaNeko from Berlin


In this Weekend Intensive, we will give an insight into our interpretation of semenawa, which for us is about creating intimate and intense rope sessions in which physical and mental challenges are allowed to influence the emotional state of the person in ropes.
We will introduce some basic principles, patterns and figures to tie safely and effectively. After these basics are established, we will work on getting the tying more fluid. As we go on, we will introduce more complex techniques in semi- and full suspension. We will work with Strappado as an alternative to shape the upper body and also focus on the use of Waist rope in suspension. Rope Bottoms will learn somatic skills to master more challenging positions in a healthy and enjoyable way.
Throughout, we aim to deepen the understanding of semenawa, scrutinize the potential intentions shaping this kind of rope-play, and learn strategies how to create intimate and emotionally rewarding scenes. This may lead to visual presentations that are aesthetically reminiscent of calligraphy or ikebana. The philosophy and techniques of our semenawa are based on the art of Akira Naka and the Kinbaku LuXuria system of Riccardo Wildties, our teacher. This is a practical workshop, you will tie a lot.

* For whom is it? *
This workshop is for couples (of all age and gender constellations) who already have some experience in Japanese-inspired bondage and want to engage more intensively with semenawa. Through various exercises you will repeatedly practice some basic principles and gain confidence in your abilities as well as self-confidence in applying semenawa during your private play.

* Prerequisites *
To attend this Weekend Intensive, the tying person needs to already have a secure mastery of a Gote (aka Takate-kote, TK, Box-Tie) designed for torsional loads. Both the person tying and the person being tied need some previous experience with suspensions, and a willingness to get involved in the philosophy of semenawa. You must have tied with your workshop-partner before, and have some established routines for communication of safety-issues.

* Formalities *

Saturday 10.00–17.00 + evening performance
Sunday, 10.00–17.00
Fika will be provided. Lunch not included. You may want to bring a lunch-box, or eat out locally.

Kokoro Studio, Stockholm.

Comfortable, flexible clothing and at least 12 jute ropes.

2.500 SEK / couple. This includes vegetarian fika both days, and the Saturday evening performance.
Register by sending an email to bergamott@live.se

* Learning-goals *
... for the person tying:
- understanding the basic principles of semenawa and getting fluent with more complex patterns and suspensions
- understanding important non-technical aspects, such as Ma-ai, timing, and communication through rope
- becoming more creative with your own adaptions of the standard ties
... for the person being tied:
- developing the sense of your Center as a basecamp for your exploration in ropes gaining safety in suspensions by learning to give in to the force of gravity
- developing a feeling of your emotional and physical limits and positively communicating them

* Overview of contents *
* Safety and consent * Intention: Creating a session * Ma-ai: The play with distance and proximity, rhythm and pause * Communication through the rope: Leading and following * Upper body harness: Kinbaku LuXuria Takate Kote, with third rope variations and Strappado * Giri-giri position * Creative use of the Waist Rope for suspension * M-shape and Kata-ashi positions * Yuko-tsuri on Futo-momo * Suspension with torsion (S-shape) * Effective methods to control the partner in suspension * The role of the technique: Speed and safety

* Frequently asked questions*
- I am a total beginner in the rope. Is this workshop suitable for me?
This workshop is not suitable for total beginners. Note the prerequisites listed above.
- Is switching allowed?
Switching is not "prohibited", but the program is designed so that there will be no time to do the exercises twice in a single time-slot. We do not want the non-switchers to get bored ... Since the principles are repeated in different exercises, you can, of course, do the exercises alternating roles, but be aware that this will be significantly more demanding for you.
- My body is not as flexible as the models on the internet, can I still attend the workshop?
Yes. Semenawa is the play on the border of the individual possibilities of the person in the ropes, not the execution of fixed techniques. It is important for the tied person to be willing to surrender in the rope for the limited time and for the person tying to deal responsibly with this gift. We will practice the necessary techniques and principles for this during the workshop.

Alexander Nawa-Ronin is an artist, scientist and explorer. He has been since long time fascinated by Japanese history, culture and martial arts where he graduated as black belt. Natasha NawaTaNeko is a truth seeker and embodiment enthusiast. She is Russian born and her spirituality is deeply rooted in Russian culture. She likes to ask existential questions and look for essence of things. Together we are a couple in love since 2011 and Kinbaku became an essential part of our journey and a way to grow together. The Art of Akira Naka’s seme-nawa fascinated us in philosophy and expression ever since our first steps in rope. Consequently, we became students of Riccardo Wildties, his first disciple (Deshi). Amongst his students, we found our community of people alike.
At home in Berlin, we created our cozy rope studio6x6 with 5 bamboo and hashira, where we teach our Kinbaku and Elements of Seme-nawa classes as well as Somatics for Rope Bottoming.
Alexander is also co-organizer of a rope Jam in Berlin that runs every Tuesday in a wonderful industrial loft space: a place to meet & greet the Berlin rope scene as local or interested visitor.
For more about Alexander NawaRonin and Natasha NawaTaNeko, see discoverkinbaku.com/en/


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