Reiki Healing Info Night

Annat konventionellt evenemang som många på Darkside kan vara intresserade av

Måndag 25 mars 2019, klockan 19:30 — 21:00  Armfeltsgatan 23, Stockholm  (Stockholms län)  
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This is a vanilla event. Please wear street clothes. If you wish to receive Reiki, comfortable, loose fitting clothes are best but not required.

We will be meeting in the yoga room at YogaMottagningen.

MxKaj of Kylin Therapies will answer your questions about this amazing energy healing method called Reiki. There are people who use Reiki and similar modalities for 'Erotic Energy Play'. Since Reiki can reduce the sensation of pain and promote relaxation, it can also be useful for aftercare.

All who attend will have an opportunity to experience Reiki energy.

Other practitioners are welcome to share their wisdom and energy.

Suggested donation of 100 SEK.


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Looking forward to tomorrow night! I'll be there at about 19.00 to set up. We'll be using chairs, which is an alternative method for receiving Reiki and more convenient than a massage table for a group of people.
For those interested in Erotic Energy Play, here is a link to a group with that title on FetLife:
There are many discussions in which you can read about other people's experiences in this area.
In addition to playing some background music, I'll be bringing some other items to set the mood. A candle, a homemade paper lantern and a few other odds and ends. I will also have informative brochures about Reiki that explain the basics.
I would like to participate and I also have a girlfriend who also wants to come on Monday. Is that ok?
  23 mar 2019

Of course! There's still plenty of space in the yoga room.

Often at these events, I play some background music. A large portion of my playlist is in the genre of 'Arctic Ambient'. Some of the other music in the mix are some pleasant New Age and Shakuhachi (Japanese end blown bamboo flute). Here is an example of Arctic Ambient by the Norwegian band Pjusk:
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Thought I'd share with you the link to the event on Facebook, where I also have a business page.

Recensering av denna händelse är inte möjlig, då den ägde rum för alltför länge sedan.

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