Copenhagen TNG: New Year chillout

Fredag 25 januari, klockan 17:30 — 23:50  Adelgade 5, 1304, København  (Hovedstaden)    

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Copenhagen TNG (The New Generation) began as a group of friends wanting to meet and educate young people on SS&C kink, expand the community and promote diverse views on sexuality!

Fetlife Group:
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Please read the following document before attending our munches;…

We are now back with our monthly meet ups with our January munch. This time, there is no theme apart from introductions and brainstorming for the upcoming themed munches so do throw any future ideas our way if you have any! This is a great time to come into our group if you are new to the concept, meet us and become familiar with our peeps! :)


17:30-18:15=We wait for people to arrive/find the table!
18:30 (approximate)=Introductions, reminders about safety (5 minute talk) munch starts, have fun, talk, make friends!!
In TNG we are trying to create a sense of a team and community with these meetups so even if you arrive somewhat later, feel free to introduce yourselves to everyone present. We know that things could feel a little awkward for newbies but we're here to make you comfortable!

So come by to the table with the red rope bundle/bondage bunny plushie, have a drink and lets chat :)

P.S. TNG is meant to encourage younger folks but we do not ban or exclude people of any age from attending as per usual.


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Recensering av denna händelse är inte möjlig, då den ägde rum för alltför länge sedan.

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