Thursday Tabletop Roleplaying 🎲

Annat open-minded evenemang som är en trygg plats för kinksters

Torsdag 26 juli 2018, klockan 17:00 — 21:00  Stora Nygatan 31, Stockholm  (Stockholms län)  
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Welcome to Thursday Tabletop Roleplaying! 🎲

An inclusive and welcoming place to enjoy tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, FATE, World of Darkness, Dark Heresy 2ed, Star Wars, and many many more.

Sign up by hitting ‘going’ to the event!

This week we will try to meet in Cafe Dox where Sanguinius will run a Fate or Microscope unless someone else is interested to lead! No experience is needed and dice will be provided, though you are free to bring your own.

We will meet in ‘vanilla’ form, as the Cafe is a public place.

It’s also fine to simply come and watch, in which case you don’t need to select ‘going’. Just show up and sit with us!

We shouldn’t be too hard to find. Look for the dice and rulebooks 🎲📚

Also looking for Game Masters who can help run the events more regularly. We will try to arrange sessions every Thursday. Get in contact with one of us if you wish to run something!

Look forward to seeing you!
SiliconWitch & Sanguinius


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Oouh, this sounds nice. Do you ever play longer games, or is it always these one evening games?
  25 jul 2018

It depends, Personallly I only have the Fate campaign that is drop in, and a bigger Dark Heresy one that needs a concrete regular player base.
But SiliconWitch do have some other ones.
The issue is interest and regularity, we would love to host bigger games ;)

  25 jul 2018

Cool, is the Dark Heresy underway already? Any room in that campaign?
I would love to get in on some regular games, if they become a possibility.

  25 jul 2018

Many say they are interested, no one shows up :P

  25 jul 2018

Haha, well, that sucks :P People are bad at commitments i guess.


Recensering av denna händelse är inte möjlig, då den ägde rum för alltför länge sedan.

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