Kinbaku Weekend with Sansblague and Bergborg

Fredag 14 augusti 2015 — söndag 16 augusti 2015, klockan 18:00 — 18:00  Helsingfors  (Södra Finlands län) 

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**Kinbaku weekend with Sansblague and Bergborg, in Helsinki**

Friday 14th - Workshop 1 at 6-9pm
Saturday 15th - Workshop 2 at 11am-2pm, Lunch 2-3.30pm, Workshop 3 at 3.30-5.30pm (note the time, this workshop is only 2 hours)
Sunday 16th - Workshop 4 at 11am-4pm

WS1 What’s in a pattern? Variations on the boxtie
WS2 Moving together: Forms of knowledge for connection, collaboration, interaction
WS3 Shame and Pride: On Gaze, Exposure and Social identifications
WS4 Rope magic: Creativity, intention and frames of meaning for rope bondage

Sansblague and Bergborg have been tying together since 2011. As workshop teachers, they seldom use the ubiquitous "we show, then you try to do the same"-format. Instead, they offer strictly structured frameworks and new didactic tools to work with creativity, movement, and dynamic interaction as central elements of Kinbaku. Their style of teaching has been called "explosively inspirational".

Approaching Kinbaku as a relational dynamic, their workshop-formats are explicitly non rigger-centric, always taking care to articulate the perspective of the person being tied as well as the person tying.

While keeping a high technical level and reflective attitude towards the multifacetted history of Japanese rope bondage, their workshops present exercises that push towards further development of the participants’ unique styles.

Sansblague and Bergborg both have a rich background in performative art practices, critical theory, didactics, martial arts and contemporary dance, all of which they bring into their teaching. Through the years, they have learned from Kinbakushi such as Naka Akira & Iroha Shizuki, Nawashi Kanna & Kagura, Miu-Miu & Gestalta, Kasumi Hourai & Nao Nagasawa – and others. On his blog Kinbaku Books, Bergborg shares his collection of Japanese Kinbaku-material with the larger rope-community.

“I always feel seen and welcomed at Sansblague’s and Bergborg’s workshops, partly because they are very openly queer-friendly and partly because of their genuine love for what and how they teach, which makes it easer for me to relax and learn.” – SkymningsKiwi (Stockholm)

“Their workshops are well structured yet mind-blowing, innovative yet grounded in tradition, playful yet demanding. They would never claim it themselves, but they are among the most original and highly skilled kinbaku artists you will ever meet. Bring an open and humble mind.” – EriF (Stockholm)

“Prepare to think with your limbs.” – MarikaRope (London)

* Homepage, including descriptions of the workshops:

* Organizer: Ceci Ferox

* Tickets: 80 EUR / couple.
For further information, email:


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Recensering av denna händelse är inte möjlig, då den ägde rum för alltför länge sedan.

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