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A summer day
I come home from work, your not there
i rip of my work clothes and jump in the shower
when im all dry i just put on a summer dress to prance around the house in

i more sense than see a movement behind me,
Im blindfolded but hear your voice in my ear, don't scream...

You take my hand, lead me to the front door
you make me step into my ballerinas
and we leave the house

At the car you open the door and make sure i dont hit my head getting in
I asked where we are going
but you say its a secret

After a 20 min drive we stop,
i hear you are moving things around in the trunk
my door opens and i find your hand
i smell pines, grass...I feel the sun

we walk for only five minutes then you ask me to stand still
i hear that you are unpacking something

you take of my shoes one at the time and when you put it down
i feel a blanket on the grass

you caress my face, neck, shoulders and pull on my shoulder straps
i protest, but you say trust me...

you let my dress fall to the ground with a sigh
i stand blindfolded, naked, in what i hope is a forrest...

i stand there while you keep touching me, caressing me
while the wind and sun makes my body tingle too

your tongue flickering around my nipples
your fingers teasing my lips
suckling my nips, feeling me getting wet for you

you kneel in front of me
saying i taste to clean, you need more of my juices
so you put two fingers up my puss, then smear my lips
i hear in your voice your smiling when you say that's better

i feel a chilly breeze then your hot tongue on my clit
sending an electric wave through me
oh fuck yes, that feels so good

while you re licking i hear you open your belt and zipper
im guessing you need a bit more space...
i tell you i cant keep standing, the waves of pleasure makes me sway too
you hold my hand and i get down on my butt

are you thirsty? hmm well yes. you bring me a glas of wine
and tell me to open my mouth, im thinking im getting to taste you
but you brought strawberries...mmm sun warm strawberries and icy cold wine
you take the wine and push me back, you even brought pillows,
im still wondering where we are but the wine is helping on taking the edge of
with two fingers up my puss and a tongue suckling my clit my worries disapear
as im thrusting towards you enjoying your skills i feel an orgasm building up
you know where to hit my spots and you do it so well....
just before i cum you pull out your fingers and thrust in a toy
i cum with a scream, the sensation was crazy
the toy was icy cold, felt like burning but in a good way
holy shit its a wonderful sensation

now i want to please you, so i ask if i can take of the blindfold
but no, instead you tell me to get on my knees
then you cuff my hands on my back
ok? you ask, im ok

you pour up more wine i hear
i get a sip, a strawberry, a sip, a wine drenched dick
mmmmm, i suck in to not dribble wine all over
you pull out quick
and again i get a sip, a strawberry, a sip, a wine drenched dick
again the dick is pulled out quick
what the heck is going on?
you usually linger deep in my mouth
so a third time a sip, a strawberry, a sip, a wine drenched dick
but now you linger
only problem is... its NOT you

I feel the taste, the shape, even the body odor
i have a strangers dick down my throat!!
i try to back away, but the grip on my head makes the guy follow me
and i bump into something
its you, behind me, saying surprised?
grabbing around me fondling my boobs, kissing my neck
while my head is still in a strangers hands
feeling your arousal against my butt
im cursing at you in my mind for scaring me so

a fantasy of mfm threesome is actually happening
so i relax and go with the flow ......

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