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Bent over the table

Awww *squeeze**

I grab your butt hard


Then I put my hands on your shoulders


Then press you down on you knees…

Oh master thank you

“Open my trousers”

I take you in my mouth

“You know what to do!”

Or should I beg first master?

Yes. Always

Please let me suck your cock master?
You know how wet it makes me
I really need you in my mouth

You may take it in your filthy mouth

Thank you master!
I suck and lick until I feel you growing inside of me

After a while I force you deep into my mouth
To make you gag

I’m coughing and drooling uncontrollably

I start thrusting in and out
Face fucking you hard

Thank you master
That makes me very wet master

Can you take it whore?

I’ll take anything for you master
Thank you master

Suddenly I stop


I force you up to standing
And force my hand in your crotch to check
Are you wet? How wet?

I’m soaked sir. Practically dripping master

I grab your ponytail and walk towards the kitchen
That’s a good slut! You need the lubricant

Yes master
Thank you master

When we get there I throw you towards the kitchen table
Bend over slut!!

Yes master
Thank you master

Spread your arms and hold on! This is going to be rough

Yes master

(I would want you to describe what you do more, in your submissive role)
Suddenly I ram my cock into you from behind and go deep

I cry out from the pressure sir
“Thank you master”

I pump you hard from behind for several minutes grunting loudly as I do so

My ass and tits shake and jiggle with every thrust
“May I touch my clit master?”
Please sir?

You may touch it

Thank you master
I rest my face on the table and reach for my wet clit

After 7-8 minutes I thrust one last time and cum deep in your pussy
Leaving a big cream pie

Thank you master
I love that master
May I take some in my hand and taste it master?

You shall! You need to clean up good and eat it all

Thank you master

I step back
“You will take care of your own orgasm while I watch slut!
“Stay there on the table and cum for me my little cum bunny!”

Yes master
I rub my clit hard and fast
Every once in a while slipping my fingers into my pussy and back out


May I please cum for you master????

Not yet, slut

I’m moaning and squirming

Beg for it slut, a lot…

Please sir I’m so close
My voice is shaking
I’m whining with pleasure

I walk up to you and lean close to your ear
*heavy breathing*

That’s so good master
Please master
Please please please

“You may cum now…” I whisper

Thank you master
I takes a few seconds
And then my hips start to buck and I cry out loudly

“That’s a good girl”

Thank you master

Let’s have a drink of water

Yes please!

I go get your robe and we sit down at the table
Fuck! That was good!

Very fun master

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