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His eyes are wide open as he stares at me in disbelief.
“What do you mean, no?”
“You will not call me names. Nothing derogatory. Is that clear?” I lift my chin, to meet his gaze. My smile is reassuring, but not my eyes.
He opens his mouth. I stop him. Have to lift both of my hands, the cuffs clink as I do. Put my index finger on his lips.
“You thought you are in control?” My laughter is trilling, amused, sweet.
He grabs my head with both hands. I look into his eyes.
And the dance of souls starts.
I lift my hands over his head, pulling him closer. My gaze is unwavering. He closes his eyes, breath speeding up. First it’s just raw desire. Then hunger. Then the urge to light the fire in me. I turn my head.
“Untie my hands. Please.”
“But I thought...”
“You thought you are dominant.”
“I am.”
“Then you need no hardware to take control.”
I smile inwardly. Bury my fingers in the soft sandy blond hair, a shade lighter than his brows. As my hands glide down on his shoulders, I hear him sigh.
“Sit down.”
The bed creaks. I stand over him, bending down to kiss him. Gentle push, he is laying on his back. I feel him harden under me. Tense up, gather momentum to pounce. Still thinking he needs to take the lead.
“All these toys...” I look around, whips and whatnot cluttering up his bedroom.
“I want to use them.”
“Because you think they give you control. Faulty perception.”
“How so?”
“I am here because of your need. Not your want. There is no way you can have control. “
My smile is tender as I hold his face between my palms. Wait for him to slow down, breathe. Hold his gaze. Waiting for the opening. Then I kiss him, gently.
“You need to understand who you are. That’s why I am here. To hold you, like a cocoon. Until you are ready to emerge.”
“I thought we would just fuck?”
“That’s plan B. If you are not good enough.”
“Of course I am.” Indignation in his voice.
“I’m not quite sure yet.”
“I can make you come, if that’s what you are thinking.”
“Can you make me want to come?”
He just looks at me. I kiss him softly. Lips, collarbone, chest.
“Take off everything.”
He is naked in the matter of seconds.
“What do you want?”
“I want to feel your need. That’s what makes me come alive.”
He grabs my shoulders, pulls me closer.
“I prefer a gentle touch. For now.”
His mouth covers mine. Softly.
“Why are you really here?”
“To serve you.”
Furled brows.
“I thought you wanted to be the dominant one?”
“Exactly.” I look into the blue-green eyes. Into the young soul behind them.
“I want to feel you inside me.”
I feel him shiver. Eyes closed now, his mouth wanders on my body.
“What is this?”
“Scar tissue. After surgery.”
He gently kisses my inner thigh.
“Does it hurt?”
“A bit. Not dangerous. Just ugly.”
His head lifts.
“No. No, it’s not.”
Gentle push, and I cry out. Cross my legs around his waist.
Slow rhythm. We both want it to go slow.
“Sit on my face.”
I arch my back when I come. Then slide down. His hands hold my hips. I turn around, facing away from him. He doesn’t see me smile when he comes.

Författarens egna ord om alstret:
Meet the Goddess incarnate

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