Kiss and tell

Del 19: Stripped

"Still mad?"
Her smile radiates warmth into me. We are snuggling, I'm caught in the sheets, trying to come loose. She jumps on top of me, pins me down. Playful. I work one hand free.
"What will you do with that hand?"
I lift it to her face, trace the outline of her lips. Then gently enter her mouth, pushing a finger between her sharp little kitty teeth. She starts to suck my finger, and I sigh. Her amber eyes glow in green.
"I want you."
She looks at me. I take a grip on the back of her head, pull her close. No resistance. I close my eyes. Open them. Close them again.
She grins.
"Did you just give me the slow blink?"
Her kiss is passionate, but not hungry. She takes hold of me, spins me around. Now I'm on top of her. Her wings have disappeared, as if by magic.
"What happened to your wings?"
"I drew them in. Don't need them with you."
"Drew them in where?"
"Back into my heart. That's where they are rooted. Like yours."
I kiss the tiger stripes on her skin. Look at her.
"Are they there to hide your scars?"
She kisses the tip of my nose.
"They are there to remind me of them. Experiences I draw my strength from. And they make me look cool." She bites my nose gently.
"Are you doing philosophy or me?" Her voice makes me shiver.
Her heat is gentle now, inviting.

She lets me take the lead this time, discover her. Wants me to do it now. Her mind is silent, waiting. No fire to keep me at distance.
"I've never really fucked you, Trinity."
"I can't really be fucked, Honey. You can only make love to me."
"That's what I always wanted to do. What I always did."
She keeps her eyes open while I kiss her. I see the colour of her eyes shift, as if she was lit up from the inside.
My hand slides down, but I keep looking into her eyes.
All the while.
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16 maj 2019

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