Kiss and tell

Del 18: Come-back

Her wings are spread wide, head tossed back. Savage bliss on her face, the amber eyes narrowed to slits. Feeling my body twisting around under hers. I can't stop screaming. Trinity's fingers are deep inside me, she uses her right hand to tickle and slap my pussy. I can't stop, almost coming.
"Oh God, please don't stop, Trinity, ooohh..." my words disintegrate into a high-pitched scream, as she goes faster. Slows down. Goes deeper. Slows down even more. I'm writhing, screaming, begging her to go on. I can't take it anymore. My body is desperate. Screams for release. Disregarded.
"I'm not done, Honey. I told you."
She did. I was happy to see her, telling her how good it is to see her smile again, how sad I was to have made her feel bad. She just smiled at me, her tiger eyes had a green tint to them, so beautiful. Her kisses were ravenous. The Trinity I first met. Desire laced with something slightly sinister. Exciting.
"I'm still angry with you. A bit."
"So sorry, Trinity. I am so sorry."
"Hush, Honey."
"Really sorry." I look into her greenish eyes. Touch her face tenderly.
"Make it up to me then." Her hand slides down to my hip. Squeezes me gently.
"Whatever you want."
"Whatever?" Her smile is radiant. Teasing. The warning I miss.
"I'm gonna fuck you until I stop being angry."
That was hours ago.
I'm trembling as she touches me. Every nerve ending is on fire. She puts her mouth on my pussy. My heart revves up, ready to burst.
Hoping she will not stop just at the very moment. But she does. She knows exactly how far she can take me. Her face is flushed, the heat coming off her is intense. She rips open her shirt. I gasp. Tiger stripes on her skin where there use to be scars. I open my mouth, but she does something with her left hand, and I have to close my eyes, have to scream, my body convulsing. Just one more touch.
She lets it pass. Then starts again. Whispers softly in my ear.
"I'm so not done with you. Honey. I just barely started."
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