Kiss and tell

Del 17


"I had your present but ate it." His eyes crinkle.
"Aw Daddy, you terrible teaser." I smile up at him, sitting on his bed. He bends down to kiss me. Gentleness mixed with passion. Heavy on the passion. Taking my breath away.
"You taste like chocolate." I lick his lips.
"You abominable little liar. I haven't had any chocolate for days." His mouth tickles my ear.
"I gambled on chocolate cake."
"It is so much better than cake."
His mouth on my neck makes me shiver.
"A tiny blue pill. Shaped like a diamond."
His tongue traces my collarbone. Makes me melt. He blows gently in my ear. I moan.
"You know what they say about diamonds. A girl's best friend." His grin is mischievous. Soft lips skim mine.
"I'm going to spend the whole day fucking you. Happy Birthday, my little brat."
"Oh God."

"Would you stop shaking?" He laughs, but keeps tickling me with his tongue. I'm trapped under him, laying on my stomach, trying to come loose. No strength left. It's late in the afternoon, and we are still in bed. He turns on his side, hugs me close to him. We are spooning. He kisses my neck, making me hungry again. I turn around, my hand seeks him. Still hard.
"You are going to be the death of me."
"Yes." I lick my lips. Slide down.
He growls.
"Stop it, baby girl."
I tease him with my tongue. His eyes darken.
"I'm warning you." His fingers stroke my hair.
"Make me, Daddy."
He throws me across the bed.
The rest is a blur.

He wakes me up with a kiss.
"What time is it?"
"Close to midnight. And I'm still not done."
"I cannot possibly come again."
"Wanna bet?" His tongue is like a heat-targeting missile, ready to blow me up.
"Oh God."
"Religious all the sudden?"
"Sexual agnostic. I don't know fuck."
"I have so much to teach you, baby girl."
"Yes. Please."
"Pretty please with cherries on top?"
"With you on top. And whipped cream."