Kiss and tell

Del 15: Flashback

"Dreamt of him again?"
I look at Trinity.
"How did you know?"
She kisses me softly.
"I can see your heart darken."
I try to fight back the tears. Almost succeeding.
"I wish I could forget."
"I know. But meeting him made you better."
"Made me hurt. Scarred."
Trinity strokes my face, her gentle fingers wipe away the tears.
"But you never stopped caring for him."
I close my eyes, willing myself to not cry. I can't. The tears keep falling. Trinity holds me in her arms, rocks me back and forth.
"You've had your own Wolf, haven't you?" I look at her, think about her scars.
"I did. And I survived. You will as well."
"When does it stop hurting, Trinity?"
"I don't know. I still ache." Her mouth seeks mine, the light from her amber eyes makes my mind open. She enters, her touch makes me whole for a while.
"Scars fade, Honey. But what they teach you will be yours forever. "
"Big whoop."
We giggle. She lets me touch her. Turn her on. Her ever moving wings stop fluttering. I kiss her abdomen. She sighs. My mouth glides down, feeling her moisten.
I'm seeking sweet spots, lighting her up like a Christmas tree. She growls with pleasure. The image of Wolf enters my mind. I let it linger. Let it hurt.
Keeping my heart open for Trinity.
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