Kiss and tell

Del 14: Trinity

Toes barely touching the ground, her soft angel hair whips around her face. I look into the tiger eyes, and melt. Her mind is an open field, beckoning. She dampens the fire, allows me in unharmed. Her restless wings stop for a moment, and she stands before me, naked.
"This is what you wanted?" The raspy voice is softer than usual.
"To see you as you are." I take a step forward.
"Even the parts that scare you?"
She stretches out her hands to cover my eyes. The amber light floods my mind, and I cry out, as her heart opens like a furnace. Still, I stand in the flames, immovable. Peeking through her fingers.
"I'm not going anywhere, Trinity."
Her wings are a blur. I take the final step forward, and she throws them around me. As if by magic, my own wings come alive. My tiny, useless wings. For the first time, I feel how they are rooted in my heart. I feel their strength, as I lift.
Trinity uncovers my eyes, and I open them wide. I drown in her amber gaze. I see the darkness in her heart, unblinking. I bathe in it, in the black fire that is her pain. Doesn't even singe my hair. She puts her palm on the scars on my right side. Smiles.
"You earned them, Honeydripper. Wear them proud."
"You hid your scars?"
"Didn't want to spook you. But now you know. They make me what I am."
"Part angel, part tiger?"
"Part human." Her kiss is so soft. I wonder if it's all a dream. As the kiss deepens, I no longer care if it is. I just don't want it to end.

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