Kiss and tell

Del 12: Rogued

I love savage creatures. But she is an enigma. I have no idea what she will do next. I've never met an energy vampire, so there really is no clue. She has shown so many faces. Gentle beyond imagination, with a touch of silk. Bordering on brutal, fucking me with her fingers, mercilessly, until I just can't take it anymore, and driving me into convulsions. Tightening my corset until I almost pass out, making me so achingly horny that I can barely stand the touch of my panties, and do absolutely nothing to lessen the maddening hunger.

This morning she opts for softly tickling me.
"You need to heal, Honeydripper."
I look into her eyes. I see Skye in the depth. She winks at me, and Rogue is amused. Lets her surface for a second. Then kisses her goodbye, and we are alone.
"I'm horny all the time." Rogue's hand wanders. Rests on my pussy. I move my hips, hoping she will have ideas.
Featherlight touch, seemingly absentminded. But I know her. Nothing is by chance.
"We'll play Hush, Honey." My whole body tingles with anticipation.

Fingertips tracing the patterns on my black lace panties. Barely touching with the tip of her fingernails. Then even softer, fingertips. Wandering, roving, coaxing. Live current on my skin, my panties are soaking. Then she slaps my pussy. Hard. I almost go insane. Harder. I choke back the whimper. Harder. I almost cry out, and she giggles with glee. Harder. Harder. I shove my fingers in my mouth, convulsing. Harder. I let out the tiniest sound, and she stops. I tremble, wondering. I close my eyes, hold my breath.

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28 apr 2019

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