Kiss and tell

Del 11: Pause

I run my tongue over my tiny fangs. Cute but useless.
"Story of my life, huh."
"Nevermind, Rogue."
We are spooning, and it feels lovely. I hear the rain outside. Slow, steady dripping, it will last for hours. I nestle closer. She turns me around, and kisses me. I close my eyes. Although they share body, there is no mistaking Rogue for Skye. I like them both.

Her hands are gentle, seeking. Soothing. She frames my face in her palms, kisses my eyelids. Probes my mind, softly. Senses the pain.
"That orphaned feeling." She pulls me closer. Her heartbeat is slow and steady, my heart revves up.
"I need to be fucked, Rogue."
"You want to be fucked, Honey."
"Like you would't believe."
Soon I'm sweaty, heart racing. Holding my breath when her fingers enter me. Clenching my teeth. Slow steady rythm, like the rain. I feel the surge of pleasure. Centering, waning vortex inside me. Rogue growls. Her mind lights up mine like a thunderstorm, and I try not to come, but can't stop it anymore. She urges me on, speeds it up, and I whimper, as her fingers move faster, harder, deeper, making me come again. Harder. I gasp, feeling like I'm sucked into her mind, a dark hole of pleasure, and I know she will take everything. Every last bit. And give me everything I crave. I am done with holding back.

I dissolve in her, lost in the waves.
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Man som top
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Man som bottom
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Geek fetish

27 apr 2019

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