Kiss and tell

Del 10: Quickening

I wake up in the middle of the night, with Trinity's arms around me, one wing half trapped under her, the other covering us, warming. She looks so peaceful. I can see her heart beating, the opalescent feathers swaying softly to the rythm. With the amber eyes closed, her face looks almost human.
"Almost mistook you for a human." Like lightning going through me, a voice. Something surfacing.
Wolf. Suddenly I remember Wolf.
I sit bolt upright. Look down. My scar, bleeding again. I don't know what's happening. I slide off the futon. Stand, lurching forward, my hand grasping my side. Almost blinded by the pain.
"You remember?"
I haven't even noticed when Trinity woke up. I gasp.
For the first time she stands before me, naked. Covered with bruises. Scars. Burn marks. Everywhere.
Her amber eyes, staring into mine. With perfectly round pupils. Then she blinks. Sweeps her wings around her body. Looks at me again. Tiger eyes.
I scream in agony, I hate that she feels the need to hide from me. Wrestle her down, push her wings aside. Exposing all that she covers up. She doesn't fight back, just lets me hold her, kiss her, everywhere. All the scars, all the bruises. All the while I'm whispering to her, telling her how beautiful she is, how perfect. How strong. My finger traces her wounds, reading them like runes. Memories of battles, signs of victories. I see tears falling, and kiss them away. Like Skye did for me, a long time ago. Or was it just yesterday? Time has no relevance when I'm with Trinity.

Our minds are open. Enmeshing. Her fingers are stained with my blood. I look into her eyes, until her pupils become perfectly round again. I kiss the tip of a wing.
"We won't be flying away, Trinity. Not this time. Never again."
I shake my head.
"We will soar."
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26 apr 2019

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