Kiss and tell

Del 8: Seen

This night might become unforgettable. Time will tell. Then again, I have forgotten a lot of things.
The way he looked at me. I wanted to ask if we met before, but decided against it. Just stood in front of him, looking up, lost in his eyes. I think he was human. Not that I care. His lips parted, to say something. Then he just kissed me, never blinking, arms protecting me from the others swaying in the crowd. Made me forget how scared I really am. Made me remember how I got my scar. Made me understand that he won't find me less because of it.
It was not love, just caring. Like he was wrapped in an endless, warm blanket, and shared the warmth. Intimacy without words. Gave me exactly what I needed.

When we met the second time, his eyes lit up, as if a light came on inside him.
"Do you remember me?" I just smiled. I remembered myself with him. Featherlight.
This time I kissed him, and it was hunger. Desire. But also the need to nestle right next to his heart. Not inside it, but close enough to the warmth. To be held by strong arms, very gently.

He was just as good as I hoped. As if he could anticipate my wishes, no, more than that. He knew what I needed, not what I wanted. Intimacy wrapped around us, and we got lost in it. His eyes became a perfect mirror, and I saw myself, and I was perfect.

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24 apr 2019

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