Kiss and tell

Del 7: Lift-off

I wake up in her arms, still hungry.
"Why do you need me?" Her amber eyes close for a second. Then burrow into my mind. I am floored by the intensity. And a fear, akin to my own. But very different. Being lost. Needing the anchoring point, hoping to find it in someone. If only for a second. Trinity is afraid of loving.
"Not afraid." Her hands are not even touching me, just drawing little circles above my skin. The almost-touch makes my hair tingle. I am numb with the anticipation of pleasure. Her mind tickles mine, playful first, then more intense. Soon she is a raging fire, and when she finally slips her fingers inside me, I fly away. Shaking, crying out every time she moves, unable to stop screaming her name. The tension in her builds, and then, her mind finally opens for me. All-consuming hunger, ravaging me, feeding on my pleasure. I bathe in sweat, and she is still ravenous. Puts her mouth on me, and I blow to pieces. Still not enough. She wants more. To merge beyond boundaries. I feel her claws, her teeth, she is burning me, scarring me, and I love it. Intensifying jolts. And time ceases in the blinding amber light.
Finally she releases my mind, and the bond holds. We are flying. I no longer need her touch, just want it. Crave it. Almost as much as she craves me.
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21 apr 2019

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