Kiss and tell

Del 6: Amped

There is something about Trinity. Not just the wings. Then it hits me. Her pupils are vertical. I have no idea what she is.
"Part angel, part tiger." She laughs out loud. "Is it what you think I am?"
Her voice is raspy, reminding me of someone I no longer remember. Her mind is nothing I've ever experienced. The heat coming off her is intense, a fiery mental energy, radiating into me. And something sinister. It makes me take a step back. She takes a step forward.
"You need me." I wonder if that is the truth. I want her. The ever moving wings hypnotize me. Her feet are barely brushing the ground. When she touches me, I feel a jolt of electricity. We lock eyes. Trinity puts her left hand on my cunt. My mind goes blank. The pressure of her hand makes my blood rush south. Her pupils widen, her amber eyes turn into black.
"And I need you, Honeydripper." Words whispered into my mouth, her breath is fire. "I need you like you wouldn't believe."
I put my hand between her legs. The heat is insane, almost burning me. I drop to my knees, aching to taste her. She stoops down, lifts me as if I was a feather. Her eyes are completely black now. Rips off my panties. Her hunger burns my mind. Her tongue is lightning on my skin, inside me. But she pulls back right before I could come. I have no idea how long she will play with me this sweet, merciless, beautiful game. If she ever lets me come in the end. There is no end. She has stopped time.

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