Kiss and tell

Del 5: Honeydripper

Warm, sinking. Until I am fully submerged. I have no idea what happened, where I am. Who I am. Just the distant memory of pain. And the memory of a soft gaze. Ocean blue eyes, never wavering. Her voice, so deep. She told me to rest. Let it happen. The tip of my tongue senses something different. I have grown tiny fangs.
"Transfer from Wolf." I remember her name now. Core.

As I look up, I sense others around her. They look tiny in comparison. I recognize Skye. Core is at least ten feet tall. Smooth coolness as she enters my mind. Her ocean blue eyes scrub it clean. The hurt is gone, a very distant memory that faded until it is like an ancient picture. Unrecognizable faces, not belonging to anyone. I'm all new. No longer a nymph even.
Core smiles, and her warmth seeps into my heart. I have a heart.
"The evolution of nymphs. You got your wings now. What do we call you now? Who are you?"
I climb out, dripping. Smelling sweet. The same, but very different. Skye looks at me, smiling. She knows my name. They all do. I smile back.
"You don't know me yet. I'm Trinity." She smiles. Her wings are opalescent. Always moving, creating a soft breeze. "I will teach you to fly."

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