Kiss and tell

Del 4


"Wolf?" No answer.
"Wolf?" My voice trembles. I feel uneasy. Wondering what's happening. Something feels off. The current between us has changed. The flow.
"Wolf? Please?" My eyes tear up. I feel lost. Abandoned. Discarded. He changed and I have no clue why.
He looks at me, stone cold. Unblinking. I am bruised, scarred, broken. In my own mind, that is. His yellow eyes narrow. I feel a barb of wanton cruelty pearce me. Like an icy wind coming off him. Hatred? Indifference? It coils around my throat. I can't breathe. My stomach lurches. I love savage creatures. But I can't handle them, apparently.
"Wolf, please?"
He turns his head, and I feel the pain inside me rise as a tide, as he pulls back. Blinks me out of existence. As if I never was real. Maybe I was never real.

Can't stop the tears. I only see his back, walking away. Moved on.
Trying to swallow, my throat is dry. My mind is fractured, I'm falling to pieces. And they all hurt. Everything is sinking into darkness. I hear his laughter from the distance. Then he's gone. I try to get up, my legs won't carry me. All wobbly.
"Are you all right?" The voice is kind, but I can't stop the little whimper. He leans closer, and I instinctively cover my eyes. Close them. Kind hands, softly touching me.
"I know you. I've seen you around. What happened?"
I start to cry. Can't talk, I'm shaking. Teeth chattering. He tries to cradle me, gentle arms around my shoulders. I push him away. Standing on wobbly legs. Trying not to fall. One step. Another.

Suddenly my mind is on fire. He is nearby. I know. Yellow eyes following my moves. Fangs bared, smiling. Not saying a word. Looking at me, sinking ever deeper in my mind. Caught in his trap. I hear him roar with laughter. Claws ready to eviscerate me. Take everything. Then throw it all away.
"Wolf?" I hear my own voice, so scared. No answer. I never see the blow coming. By the time I realize, it's too late.